Pittsburgh: Jon Mueller, Mike Shiflet, {arsonist}, J Butler

Playing a show this upcoming Friday, this will be at a great new record store in the Northside called The Government Center.

I’ll be trying out a more minimal approach during my set, using Norns, a small Doepfer beauty case, and a few other things. Jon Mueller is debuting some new material, Mike Shiflet has been creating some great drones lately via his Tetracosa series, and {arsonist} is a local friend doing some engaging work.

A little bit about Jon Mueller’s performance:

"Jon Mueller is a multi-faceted percussionist, presenting his latest body of work in Canto for gongs, voice, and percussion. In his solo work that spans two decades, Mueller has embarked on a lengthy exploration of the timbres, the dissonance, and the physicality of repetition from his array of percussive instruments. Gongs had long been a part of his repertoire, but here on Canto he addresses their specific sonic attributes in conjunction with extended vocal techniques bolstered through his studies with the legendary NYC minimalists LaMonte Young and Marian Zazeela. In ruminating upon this shift in focus for ‘Canto,’ Mueller explains that “The driving energy of drums is replaced by deep contemplation and wonder, questions, confusion, darkness and ultimately, calm.”


if I can snag a babysitter I’ll be there. Govt Center is great!

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say hi to jon for me! also he is amazing live.


Saw {arsonist} when she was in NYC a few months ago - super good stuff!

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Awesome lineup, have a good show!

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This is tonight! Bumping the post in case any locals missed it. :slight_smile: Going to be a night of really great music.

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Bummed to have missed this but I had another commitment. The shop has been a nice addition to the Northside hopefully they put on more of these types of shows.

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