Pittsburgh Sequence Designer 128

I’ve just come across this “accidentally” after looking at this listing: http://doudoroff.com/sequencers/

Here is the only video (of any length) I can find on this sequencer with Richard Nichol of Pittsburgh Modular describing their new (or soon to be new?) four channel Eurorack sequencer. It really looks versatile if you are looking for a highly configurable hands on sequencer.

The modular grid details are also tantalizing:

Has anyone heard when this might be released? I may change my modular plans for 2019 based on this one module. :heart_eyes:


I had an email with Richard about April or so. They are working on it, it is just taking longer than they thought. I am also guessing they got sidetracked into the new voltage lab… I too am really hoping this sequencer sees the light of day soon. It looks really fascinating and flexible.


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