Plant Music and Granular Performances on Splice

Released a sample pack today that’s revolves around MIDISprout aka Plantwave where the device composed numerous amounts of data thats translated (key correction and scale or free flow) and pushed to synthesizers!

I’m quite sure everyone in here has heard of and or, seen what MIDISprout can do but I’ve decided to push this element to new heights!

Started using the device two years ago after contact Joe from DataGarden about an album I wanted to do with using plants as the foundation of my production to where the device is player one and I’m player two.

After months of studying plants through its environmental changes with water type, sun and water amount, new leaf or old, etc… you see changes in how a plant outputs it’s bio data to midi and it’s mind blowing how plants is just like us, they rest and feel as well but, anywho!

I’m sharing this releases because of course there’s use of devices from the Monome family like such as the Alliterate from @andrew and @ellips_s Grainshifter.

Next week, I’ll be laying out the full details on how this pack was made but I’m open to discussion here as well prior to.