Playdate development

With the SDK in wide release, the hardware in approaching release, the lua under the hood, and the gentle encouragement to lean on synthesis over samples in audio design I figure a Playdate thread makes sense.

Let’s see those WIPs, tips, and sprites.


Did you ever get anywhere w/ developing for Playdate?

I keep thinking that with the
microphone and crank in there, it would be amazing if someone made a sampler where you could use the crank to scrub the audio playback like the landscape HCTT


There’s a user in the Playdate Squad Discord working on a Tracker, it seems pretty mature but I can’t find much about it other than some progress videos they’ve posted. The user is Symphonite in the Discord, I’ve reached out to them for an update.

Additionally there’s a few audio WIPs: Pulp Projects by 4mat

I could have sworn I had a sampler somewhere bookmarked, but I can’t find it :frowning:

Some neat stuff floating around for sure, I adore my Playdate!


I was really excited for the Playdate, but the poorly-handled disaster that was international orders really dampened my enthusiasm.


Just got my Playdate today and installed Drum by 4mat, which is a fun little drum machine.

It would be nice, if we could start a collection of audio-related apps or games for the Playdate here.


I’d love that. My development has been stalled by available time, and I’m in the fifth round of device shipping, but I’d love to keep tabs.