Playing a few shows

Hey all!

Almost forgot to mention my long-time friend’s industrial/folk/electronic project VOIDTRIPPER and my noise-collage-y ambient project ‘crowds’ will be playing a couple shows in the SF Bay Area, Portland, and Olympia (though I don’t have the info for Olympia, Wa off-hand, other than being at Cryptatropa Bar).

If you’re interested and/or end up coming to one of them, please feel free to say ‘hi’ and introduce yourself!!

Tomorrow (3/17) at Oakland Secret Gallery (PM me for address, it’s the gallery’s policy):
Oakland, Ca
Voidtripper, crowds, L0AM, In Aporia

3/23 at Honey Hive Gallery
San Francisco, Ca
Silence In The Snow / crowds / Voidtripper

3/25 at Leavenworth Community
Portland, Or
Voidtripper / Disxiple_113 / Mulva Myasis / Crowds / M o r o