Please help, can't disassemble 128 grid

Got one of the latest grids and ever since i got it really its had a pretty flickery and not very responsive pad in one of the corners. I’ve taken the back plate off and all 15 allen key bolts from the pcb but nothing is budging, no give at all. Is this thing glued down? Doesn’t seem right. Any ideas? Thanks

Also, was just going to sand the black bit on the pad very lightly with some very fine wet and dry as per instructions, maybe wipe the corresponding pcb track with one of those medical alcohol wipes? Think that’ll do it?

if you’re having trouble with a most-recent edition (aluminum enclosure) definitely send it back to me and i’ll get it fixed. email

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@tehn, Thanks for the offer. Is it not possible to take the pcb off and clean the pads myself? Or just more reliable for you to have a look at it?

you should be able to pry the pcb off if all of the screws are removed.

scouring the pads is an old solution from units from 5 years ago or older. if you’re having issues the pads or pcb might be defective. i’d have to test to evaluate it.

OK, thanks, I’ll send it back then. Sending an email now.

I found this old topic so I thought it would be better to ask my question here because it’s related.

need to open my monome because some pads are hard to press or have a flickering I would like to know what king of screwdrivers are these? thanks!

3/32 and 1/16 hex, also called Allen wrenches

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