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All said and done I end up paying vultr around $3-6/mo for my ‘cloudcompute’ VPS. It doesn’t have a ton of ram or space but I don’t really utilize it anyway. Always been happy with their platform.

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re: self hosting & security

for a static website it is fairly safe. the choice of web server is important though. something like lighthttpd has a good record of having very few major vulnerabilities.

i would never expose a self-hosted Apache or Nginx on the web, unless it runs on a separate network (+ ideally w/ a decent firewall in front of it). keeping up w/ security updates is tedious & the risk of having your lil computer being absorbed in a botnet is very real.

(search about remote code execution and reverse shell so see how getting access to a server is possible by exploiting an application such as a web server)

when you use a web-server as a service (such as a DO droplet), they do the security updates + firewall setup for you. that’s what you’re paying for, in addition to the content hosting itself.


In one of the universe’s grand coincidences, this was published a couple of days ago:


Whether our online presence needs to be always there (wherever there is) deserves consideration IMO. It seems like IPFS is a perfect fit for the “sometimes online” site but I haven’t looked too much into it yet.

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I love seeing this grassroots resurgence of blogging and simple static websites.

let’s all take back control of the social internet from the big companies farming us all for our data for money

here is my site:


gonna add this to the pile if anyone likes this sort of thing: good directory of “html energy” websites!


Originally put this in The Distributed Web after some discussion about possible upcoming changes to Tumblr and many people flocking there from Twitter. I’ve had a Tumblr for some years and have always found it odd. Never really added many people and post only sporadically. Forget it’s even there for long periods.

Anyone else here on Tumblr? Here’s mine:


Posted on the Isn’tses blog for the first time in ages, with some fragments of inspiration/research and ideas we’ve been working on for our next synth design


I remember being totally bummed when the word blog took root. It’s just kind’ve a gross word. At the time web journal was a more eloquent description thrown around, but web log was also popular and well, the rest is history. Abbreviation wins.

I blogged for quite a while but a lot of it is old and no longer presented online. But at the moment I’m spending free time creating a new layout. I’m enjoying getting a feel for the modern Wordpress editor and blocks and how all that stuff works, quite flexible, but also quite different from the old school editor.

I’m a journal writer through and through, so blogging makes a lot of sense to me. But I also like the idea of it just being this island. A form of expression (in the spirit of this thread) and not necessarily a public forum.

I hope to cobble all manner of angles and interests in the new setup. A catch all for things I’m into and thinking about, ideas, documentation, maybe even some books or prints for sale at some point. Will share here when I feel it’s in a reasonable state. I like the idea of it being a bit of an internet page layout experiment, too. Something that feels a bit more magazine-y, and graphic-arts-y, than blog-like.


Yeah, I resisted the word “blog” for a long time. My writing in what became known as a “blog” predated the word by a few years, but I resisted using it for several more — and resisted thinking of my own work as a blog for several more after that. I had my first site as of 1994, was founded in 1996, the word “blog” reportedly originated in 1999, and the first time it appeared on was apparently 2003 (and even then I put quotes around it — this was in an interview I did with @sideb0ard about, which had started the year prior).


I recently relaunched my personal creative journal site (aka blog but not really) for occasional posts about my pursuits in music and photography and whatever. Currently I’m posting every day for Jamuary but normally I expect to post once a week or so. Static site using jekyll with an RSS feed if anybody is out there.


My blog. Mostly DIY guitar pedals and synth modules.


I literally got access to my blog yesterday and am super excited.

I’ve yet to write anything but having done a daily blog years back so have a good sense what to expect. I also know exactly what this one is for, so pretty pleased with the title.

My therapist will be pleased as well i reckon :joy:

My hope is through writing and connecting to others, this blog will contribute in helping me understand how to operate in this world, and maybe helps others learn through my learning and experiences. Pretty simplest stuff.

Nervous excitement.


I have started a sound diary with the goal of collecting one sound every day.

I expect the majority of the sounds to be field recordings, but I’m also publishing experiments, snippets, loops, and so on - even sounds from other artists, if I get their permission.

You can find all of that here.

Weirdly enough, publishing just a couple of sentences every day has gotten me to ressuscitate my previous blog, 2 years after my last post there. Obviously it remains to be seen whether this goes on, but I’m now doing some much needed digital house cleaning.


So great. I’ll be checking this out regularly for sure. The photos are nice context-setting addition.

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love the retro computer fonts on the exteriors of Zap Frequency, Stone Bender, and Small Time

Stopped writing for them when they required 100 followers to get paid. I had thousands of weekly views at one point, but few followers.

All across the board here. Interviews, recounting of UFO and Ghost experiences, shooting from the hip movie reviews, etc.