pleco - practice of savor [a humble first release]

Hello lines,

Just wanting to share the release of my first ambient album, practice of savor. :relaxed:

I started my journey into modular at the beginning of this year after almost a decade of messing around with a bunch of different hardware and software setups that never really worked for me. I’m very grateful to have found lines so early in this process, as the community has been an endless source of inspiration and learning. Around October my setup (and my experience with it) had finally reached a point that I wanted to challenge myself to put together a five track album before the end of the year and post it here. This is the fruit of that challenge. There are a lot of things I learned in the process of making each track, and a lot of things I need to keep working on, but I am overall pleased with the outcome and am so happy to finally have a system that I’m feeling good with.

If anyone has any questions I’m happy to answer them, and if anyone has any insight into making cleaner recordings of modular gear and the finesse of mixing and mastering them I’d happily take a private message or two. :sweat_smile:

And here’s a grip of codes that can be redeemed here

codes rabr-knfd
rbzm-7ceu ad29-vx2p jlfv-byvm 7c5r-hfzg

Thanks for all the knowledge and inspiration you’ve been. :purple_heart:


Thank you! I grabbed ad29-vx2p.
Looking forward to listening!

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Very nice! Particularly loving the last 2 tracks.
Thank you for code jlfv-byvm.

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