Pocket Operations: A portable book of drum machine patterns

Friends, this is my new book of drum machine patterns. I designed it to be travel-friendly companion to my own portable music-making devices, so it’s only 4x6" in size. The book is just under 70 pages and includes a few hundred patterns that I have collected over the years. You can download a PDF of the book or order nice printed copy for $10 at shittyrecording.studio.


amazing!! this is wonderful

i hope you crossposted this in the Zines and Publications thread: Print zines and publications


Really cool self-publishing idea!

this is such a simple, lovely idea. excited to check it out and play around with some drums

Just recommended to a buddy who is new to sampling and synthesis, he started with a Volca Sample and a Pocket Operator. I think this will give good mileage!


This is really nice. Thanks for sharing.

Nice! Thanks! Just ordered a physical copy :slight_smile:

Awesome. Thanks for the share.

This is so cool! I’m in Australia, so the shipping was three times the price of the book. If you had one of those “pay what you like” things I would have liked to support the writing by paying some dollars for the pdf, instead of just sucking it down for free (which of course I appreciate the generosity).

Thank you so much for making and sharing this! This is going to be really handy for me!

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fun! copped and downloaded too, shipping to sweden was only $6!

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Awesome and ordered! $4 shipping to Spain, yaaaay! :grinning:

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I’m sorry to hear that Lulu doesn’t fulfill orders to Australia very cheaply! But enjoy the PDF. I’ve had a few people locally who have used my PDFs in workshops and classes. Following that I decided to just put it out there and share the love. If folks want a nicer bound copy, great.

I also found that the PDF renders nicely in Books for iOS, which is handy on the go.


This is so great.

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What a great contribution to the community. You rock.

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Seconded! I try and avoid getting paper copies when there’s a digital version available and would love a way to support your work still.

Would you consider putting up a donation link?

Great work! Looking forward to some much needed drum inspiration.


@dansimco @terje Thanks for the offers of support! I have added a donation link to Tree Trust, an organization that is important to my family and community. They have already planted a half million trees in the Twin Cities where I live, and their goal of expanding the tree canopy in the area will have a profound impact on my kids’ future. Every few dollars sent their way will not go to waste. Send it to them instead of me, thanks!


Great! Very generous of you and a fitting choice for paying for an ebook :slight_smile:

I’m about to travel with a couple P.O.s and a 1010 blackbox, this is perfect! Thanks for sharing it.

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Thankyou! It’s fantastic.