Pocket Operator 400 to Eurorack mod

Ordered a PO 400 the day it launched and have had some fun with it. Already finding myself wanting to hack it somehow. I feel like it needs integration with a larger system. Being new to modular, maybe I’m not clever enough to get the full sound out of the PO. Being an engineer, my solution is to build something to extend it. I’m pulling my PO 400 modules into a Eurorack system in order to combine it with other DIY modules. Here’s my first step (with documentation).


Woah! This is super rad. Nice work on the faceplates. Do you mind if I share your github link with the users on my op-z group? There are a few people who are using the PO modular who would be very interested in seeing your work!!

That is just genius.

Yes! Is this an open group? I’d love to hear feedback and see what others are doing with PO gear.

I’ll private message you!

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