Hi everyone!
I’ve just shared a new album on bandcamp. This is a collection of sound pockets I’ve stumbled upon during the last couple of months, mostly in improv based sessions using Cheat Codes (2.0 beta).

Track notes and credits

Cheat Codes (2.0 beta) has been my main working tool on this album. I’ve found that I use it in a lot of different ways, from manipulating live input, generate moving sequences, textures, and foundations for further improvisation and experimentation. Lot of stuff is recorded in parts and layered in Ableton.


  • Monome Norns and Grid running:
    Cheat Codes (Dan Derks), Compass (Olivier Creurer), Cranes (Dan Derks), Molly the Polly (Mark Eats), Oooooo (Zack/Infinitedigits).
  • Ableton Live 10/Max for Live, Prosody (Andrew C Shike), Confetti (Rodrigo Constanzo)
  • OP-1, Marantz pmd22, guitars, Xylophone, Field recordings, LOM Usi microphone

Valhalla Vintage Verb
Extra shout out to Ableton Auto filter (OSR/MS2 modes) – big discovery for me :blush:!


One recording of Cheat Codes patterns running with various RND settings and delay functions on the Grid + Another recording with live playing of Cheat Codes pads on two banks (piano and voice sounds), Sounds from a prepared acoustic guitar

Cheat Codes synced with Link to Ableton, recorded patterns, looped pads and live pad playing in CC recorded on top of a field/drum sample in Ableton.
Acoustic guitar played into Cranes and layered on top. Flute tones with Crap Cassette M4l effect.

Cheat Codes patterns based on sounds captured from guitar, Live manipulation of CC delay on Grid, One part of the recording from CC fed into Enueg and recorded as a separate layer together with other Prosody patches

Entire track based on a recording of single notes from a guitar chord that is layed out across the pads on Cheat Codes with different settings per bank, Live manipulation of CC delay on Grid, a percussive sample being manipulated by Confetti patches, simple rhythm+Ableton Auto filter

Felted xylofone and table tapping played live into compass and recorded in Ableton, another layer of guitar through Compass, Electric guitar played through boss OD-3 and into a running tapeloop on Marantz pmd221, Molly the polly tones played live on top

First section is the last part of a long recording session using live input on all banks of Cheat Codes with different settings for RND, Arp, panning etc on each bank, Track merges over to a different Cheat Codes session with a set of patterns playing into a “abused” delay line (sort of bit crushing the sound).
Live recording on top with notes from a Dexed patch called Wet Piano.

Cheat Codes running recorded patterns on all 3 banks, delay in free mode coloring the sound (the delay that makes the metalic/liquid-ish feel to the sounds), loops in Oooooo with sounds from xylophone, guitar, op1 and my own voice layered on top, Crap Cassette M4l effect.

Dexed patch “wet piano” captured on cheatcodes live input - looped and coloured with delay, pitched down in ableton, another layer of same sound improvised on top. Fed downpitched layer into Enueg and recorded that as a seperate layer with dirge and Sountoys Crystallizer

Cheat Codes patterns playing on all banks with RND activities, Lots of Prosody in Abeton, One part of the recording from CC fed into Enueg and recorded as a separate layer

Patterns running in Cheat Codes with RND activities on top of a looped field recording with Ableton Auto filter, track morphs into a Cranes recording of a piano with pitch shift gestures, crappy recording of a guitar on top

Album Booklet.pdf (4.8 MB)


Can’t wait to dive in! I also need a crash course on time management. How do you mange to be so productive?


haha, it’s a been a productive year i guess :sweat_smile: I’m not too precious about what I put out though. Basically, I like to work in “projects” I set up for myself lasting 3-4 months and the result is always an album. I’ve found this to be great inspiration for myself, but also a nice way to archive my own music.
The thought of my kids discovering this stuff some day in the future is very cool to me :relaxed:


Great stuff. And do you squeeze in time when possible, or do you allocate certain days of the week for “creative dad time”?

The idea of having stuff for your kids to discover is lovely.

A lot of squeeze in time when possible. Being able to save sessions with Cheat Codes is great. I often map out ideas one night and revisit later to record/edit. In every project I have a big pool of unfinished stuff/ideas that I add layers to and make into tracks.

Would be cool to do an Oslo Cheat session once!

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@DuellingAnts listened through the album this morning! quite beautiful and relaxing. i love the mixture of string instruments :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Zack! 20 20

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“I was waiting, now I’m not” that is a JAM I love that! Now I wanna get my hands on a 128 and play with cheat codes.

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Listened through with my daughter today, and she had this :hushed: expression for the first songs. I think that is a good thing. Love the immediacy and intimate acoustic sounds. Great stuff and super inspiring.

And I am so down for some cheating in Oslo. Anytime. At least when it’s safer for 2 “strangers” to meet.

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