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Here’s a podcast @Rodrigo was on recently. He might not be shameless enough to post it himself, but I certainly will. It’s a good one. These are a few of his former students and the pod/video cast itself has quite good production value! There’s a bit of a performance in the middle too.


There’s a new season of the Heavyweight podcast, byJonathan Goldstein

The Tech Won’t Save Us podcast has had some interesting guests and topics.

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I searched to find a podcast on poetry the other day and found this one called The Creative Process. I have listened to two episodes and so far I’ve been happy and grateful to hear poets sharing their process and thoughts generously and uncomplicated. Nobody “making themselves difficult” or shrouded in mystery, just inspiring. (I started with Jericho Brown and David Tomas Martinez, and look forward to listening to more episodes.)

EDIT/ADD: Oh well, just realized that The Creative Process apparently is a bigger project and that the Poetry-podcast channel is just one of many. More to explore! :slight_smile:


niceeeee, finally have lots of podcasts to listen to while walking the dog

love this thread, don’t know why I didn’t see it sooner :smiley:


If you’ve been enjoying Jon Hopkins’ “Music for Psychedlic Therapy” as much as I have, you might like this episode of Tape Notes:

edit - not sure why the link comes up as “Jon Hokins” but sure. Hehe :slight_smile:


“In PROBES #32 we trace the history of some newly invented instruments, including the Chromelodion, the Boo, the Mazdaphone, the Quadrangulis Reversum, the Crystal Baschets, Harry Bertoia’s Sonambiente, the unearthly Daxophone and Arthur Harris’ Mother Lap Cello Harp, Whispering Harp and the14.5 metre viol, whose lowest strings are inaudible to the human ear…”


@Raoul has a great podcast with his two collaborators in EAT (Electro-Acoustic Trio):


Ah, thanks @Claude for sharing! I’ll post it here in the future too :wink:

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I’ve been enjoying the interviews on the La Meme Young podcast. This one with Claire Rousay was particularly good. You can also grab this as an audio podcast (on Apple or whatever).


TAK Editions episode 22, about the making of Laura Cocks’ incredible Field Anatomies is a really great podcast episode imo. I like it enough to be listening to it a second time. It’s an inspiring conversation about building worlds through sound and bodies, and about collaboration. 022. Laura Cocks’ Field Anatomies — TAK Editions Podcast — Overcast


Enjoying Scubas podcast
Not A Diving Podcast with Scuba


Before kids, I was a volunteer Guardian ad Litem, meaning I would act as an unbiased (as much as i could) 3rd party to the court and advocate for children wrapped up in protective services through no fault of their own. For a volunteer position, it required a ton of work.

It was an eye opening experience in ways I wasn’t expecting. There are plenty of systemic issues that go unresolved, and many can come down to where you live. I learned not only how different social services are from state to state, but also from county to county, even within the same state.

Around the time I stepped back from this work, a podcast called “Do No Harm” came out. It highlights how well intentioned systems can fold back on themselves in kafkaesque ways, causing more harm than good, specifically in child protective services.

After listening to this podcast, I was even more surprised at how disparate Guardian ad Litem appointments, responsibilities, and expectations are across the US. I know the podcast highlights the faults of a system at the expense of any positive outcomes, but it made me more fully appreciate the volunteer community model I was a part of.


In retrospect, the Ideas episode on Japanese noise artists was super influential at a young age.

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I really like that he adds to the playlist some of the guests tunes and a few of the track they mention during the interviews.

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I made my on-air debut talking about some extremely lines-relevant content:

the main story is the history of houseplants, and I did the B story after the ad break about plants & music.

Topics include Plantasia, The Secret Life of Plants, whether classical music actually helps plants grow better, and the Plantwave (aka MIDISprout), which I described as “it turns your plants into little Brian Enos”. plus, I also did a little singing-cactus vocoder joke for our post-credits parent-company ident.

also since I couldn’t bump the Plantwave thread, I’m just going to cross-post this video of the Plantwave hooked up to my modular:


Since it’s been a few years I’m going to go ahead and remind all you folks about the amazing Art+Music+Technology podcast. This podcast is truly a generational body of knowledge, and is as enjoyable and relevant to listen to as it is informative and inspiring.

Rest in Power Darwin.


Enjoying AIR Podcast by Emma Robertson
eg conversation with Rrose was interesting


Thanks for sharing, I didnt know about this one and I see several very interesting names among the past guests.


Quite enjoy CYBER podcast and the latest episode is both fascinating and very funny, with Douglas Rushkoff about his new book “Survival of the Richest: Escape Fantasies of the Tech Billionaires” – his skewering of Ted Talks is lol funny!