[POLL] Challenging the exclusivity of the "release" category

I’d like to propose–or at least begin a discussion–about opening up the release category to releases that aren’t sound-based in nature.

I’m going to make this a poll. It’ll be my first poll so let’s see…

  • The “release” category should remain exclusive to works of audio.
  • The category should be opened up to non-audio releases too (books, objects, visual works, etc. that members release)

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My thoughts:

I don’t make music or sound art, but don’t really think a person needs to be working soncially to appreciate this forum. Often ideas about process, and the thinking behind a work, are interesting besides.

I find myself releasing books lately–really as of about three years ago. I remember some time ago posting about one of these books, thinking the thread should be categorized as a “release” but then that being amended to “open”. The reason given that only works of audio were considered “releases”.

Now that I’m about to finish another book, I think I want to challenge this a bit. Surely a book is a release…? And I know many other members of this forum–some highly visible/active–also make releases in the form of books. It’d be cool if these were included, rather than free-floating in the “open” category. Also, it feels a big weird/ego-y to just make an “open” thread about something I’m promoting. The release category kinda is already about promotion so it feels less weird.

So yeah, I’d like to propose a change here.

And I’m not even saying it should be exclusive to works of audio or books. Maybe someone comes up with an amazing little object that they consider a release. I’m saying it should be opened up to all those possibilities.

The exclusivity of the category just feels…I don’t know…
It definitely establishes a hierarchy that says works of audio are more valued or something.


this is great to define this more clearly… i just always assumed that it was already open to any kind of release… the actual definition doesn’t seem to refer to audio anywhere in it:
"release announcements. please help facilitate discussion by providing context for the release. lone links with sparse description will be merged into https://llllllll.co/t/latest-tracks-videos "

i was already under the impression, pretty much anything could - from the FAQ:
certain wording left it open: “You may not post anything digital that belongs to someone else without permission”(anything digital of your own leaves it open to anything - hopefully no one takes that to mean computer-viruses(a form of hacker-art), though :laughing: :sweat_smile: …this would not be in keeping with ‘empathy’ being the core of communication on lines :face_with_monocle:… then again, if it was a virus which somehow infected non-Line-member’s bank-accounts and diverted them to ours :thinking: …i kid i kid :grin: :innocent:),
and most of all: “lines is an inclusive community”

but i’m glad you’re helping to make it clear so people will feel more invited to do so :+1: :hugs:


I’m in favor of letting release include other works of art in other media that members here “release”.
I don’t think it should be used for software, equipment, websites (that aren’t art objects themselves), or other forms of released.

Sure- I realize there are plenty of things that fall into the grey zone - but the essential idea is “artistic release”, and I think we can navigate that as needed.

(I didn’t vote, as the binary choice isn’t the clear pair of choices, since we’re only now having this discussion.)


That’s good deducing…so yes, it should be allowed, right?

And actually @Rodrigo just told me now that when he released his latest blog post (which is a crazy 15k words long) that the release tag wasn’t changed. So maybe this has already been discussed and changed among moderators since I put out my last comic…? Dunno.

I’m just a [member], standing in front of a [forum], asking it to [allow a categorization]


I agree other forms of art should be allowed in the releases category. I think the important thing about the releases category is that each release includes a thoughtful description (literal or poetic) of the art and/or its process, as well as invitation to (respectful) discussion about the art/process, with the understanding that by posting the thread, the artist will try to engage in this discussion. I think those two things are valuable to the community and keep the releases category from being promotion spam, intentional or not.

If someone is not interested in one of those two things (which is totally cool, I think, and, IMO, I think it’s very valuable for both the artist and the community to share art that is still being formed or isn’t quite as developed) then it should go in an existing thread that the artist thinks can be most valuable in being part of a “dialogue”. This one is harder to identify, as there might be many places where something could live (“latest tracks & videos”, “cassette releases”, a thread about a particular piece of gear or maker)…but that is probably getting a bit off-topic


I dig that. I love reading about a work in that way…sometimes I prefer that stuff to the work itself! And then there are other times that I like a work so much, and then listen/read the creator’s comments and think “oh they have no idea what makes this good” :wink:


I am actively doing this in my work :sparkles:

Art works are mushrooms. Human minds are mycelium. Performer, audience, artist, aesthete, one in the same.


@Angela i don’t believe anyone ever intended the category to be sound-only, so carry on