Poly Effects Hector

Hi guys, to you who own it: what has your experience been so far ? Do you find the relatively large latency of 15-18 ms to be a problem ? What do you think of the converter/sound quality of the module ?

Had it, immediately sold it. Way too much noise for me most likely coming from the large display.
I was using it in an Intellijel case, but other cases might have better results with the noise.

Noise aside, IMO you really have to be on board with this type of user interface.

Ah what a shame. How did you intend to use it ?

I was very interested in the looper but the user interface and noise killed it for me personally.

For others this type of touch screen interface might be useful, but just did not work out for me.

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Too bad about the noise problem. I find the Beebo pedal to be quite useful for various things. I’ve gotten use to the touch interface and it doesn’t bother me.

I really like the looper and the convolution reverbs they sound great. The noise is a bit of a bummer and I wish there was a multi channel mixer module but other than that I enjoy it.

Patching is WAAAY faster/easier than on the percussa SSP. I wish someone could merge that hardware to this interface.


Yes please!

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Sounds great - do you use the looper synced to a DAW tempo or just freeform ?

All asynchronous. I have Hector hooked up to the Pirate Midi Bridge 6 controlling the loopers w/ an expression pedal adjusting some effects.
Works great.

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There is a thread on Modwiggler about Hector and some of the problems with noise. The maker chimes in quite a bit and mentions he’ll be working on a mixer soon.

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Thank you for asking. I received a blatantly defective unit, with documentation so dysfunctional it took awhile even to figure out that what it was doing was wrong (the response to the touchscreen was random, never the same twice. Support was complete AWOL. When I did get a reply, it never addressed issues at hand. Finally I returned it for a refund, which finally arrived with rather grudging apology. Will not deal with this developer in future, for anything.

Seems like you got a faulty unit :confused:hopefully the latency will get improved in future updates.

I bought a Hector. Luckily no noise. Do you import your own IR’s Marcus ? I can’t seem to get my own imported ones to work despite being under 3-4 sec long/48 Khz.

Really happy with my Hector. No noise, the looper is good. Only thing waiting for is a decent mixer node and a sampler player

Recently sold my Hector but I also never had any noise. It was my preferred do everything module compared to having owned the percussa ssp, zoia guitar pedal, and er301. I really like the interface, how everything is upfront and labeled. I used to have a poly beebo a few years ago and the latest firmware update really sped up the graphics latency, it was really slick compared to where it used to be.

I was wondering, is it possible to export the sounds recorded with loopler ?
if yes, how ?

Not at the moment but the developer said it is in his list to have a kind of export to the usb. Should be number one on the list tbh. At the moment I’m using a 4ms wav recorder and it is actually pretty good$

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thanks @emho.
is it possible to save audio files and project for now in loopler ?