Edit. Decided to ditch keystep as i want the ES timing.


Sorry but i need to ask a few more questions.

I studied the github docs well. Wich reminds me to keep things simple for me to be fun.
No complex messing with mod busses etc.
This leads me to the question, can i set up Poly ES on WW once and for all and all routings/allocations stay that way?
Like i want it to permanently with each new creative process to simply use the 4 cv outs as 4 pattern layers with the first 2 having gate out. So i can build up sequences like record pattern 1, then pattern 2 etc.
Idealy i permanently map the param knob to a meaningful function but without i2c i am still a bit uncertain whats possible. Transpose only?
I suppose the clock out and in work just as intended?

As i dont want to disturb the timing of PolyES on WW as Master clock i would need to know if Earthsea either with og firmware or polyES can be slaved to WW PolyES (or the other way around i suppose). I would need both in sync with my unquantized patterns. The aim is to not loose the free-play timing when clocking one with the other, if thats not possible i ll stay with only WW, if its possible i ll add ES.

voice allocations are saved with the preset.

this is the default mapping so you don’t need to change voice allocation if this is what you want. but you will need to enable only voice 1 for pattern 1, only voice 2 for pattern 2 etc.

it depends on the i2c device, the possible mappings are listed here: output parameters and modulation · scanner-darkly/polyearthsea Wiki · GitHub

there is no clock out but you could map pattern start to a gate output. clock in is only used when you linerize patterns.

you can use one of the gate outputs - if you map a voice to it, then a gate will be triggered each time a note is played, or you could map pattern start if that’s what you want to sync to.

But without i2c devices, what does the param knob offers besides transpose as i understand the map.

And the White whale Clock in/out and knob are dead with poly ES only used with linearizing (wich i understand as quantize)? Ok

This keeps true earthsea timing, meaning non step sequence but free play pattern loop, so if i have a trilogy ES with Poly ES given it does not have clock in/out like WW, i would rec my first pattern on ES, send gate to WW, unplug Grid from ES to WW and to clock In and have seamles timing as if it would be one sequencer/pattern recorder spread over 2 modules?

Thats as precise as i can.

Edit: saw the linearize at 2nd read so i suppose the clock in/out of WW is not usable for me and Poly ES needs the mapping to gate as you descripe. Mhhh will see if i manage, sounds complicate.

Also the voice allocation i would probably try to set up for startup as good as i can, wich seems to mean have a base preset

the param knob is assigned to whatever you assign to the corresponding mod bus. for CV/gate outputs you can only control octave or transpose.

clock input is only used when you linearize a pattern, just like the ansible version. there is no dedicated clokc output. you have 4 gate outputs which can be assigned to voice notes or pattern start.

if you record a pattern on trilogy ES and plug the corresponding gate output to WW clock input, then you can lineriaze the pattern on WW and it will follow the clock - in this case, the gate from your ES pattern. it might be easier to just give it a try.

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Got one more, search didnt give me the answer.

I have WW and ES, WW gets polyES but before i flash ES i wanted to inform myself, the original ES layout of panel/outs etc for midi, to be precise - velocity - is not preserved in polyES flashed ES module correct? So a velocity sensitive midi controller to be used in cv makes more sense in og ES fw!?

correct, MIDI usage is completely different in polyES compared to the original earthsea firmware.

Team PolyES -

I seem to have succesfully updated the firmware on my Meadowphysics, but am seeing behavior similar to some folks above me: dfu-programmer completes the flash, but I am left with the MP lights stuck in the following config and my grid(s) (2020/2021) are non responsive/no lights.

Attached is the shell script and module. I am using the beta from top of thread.
Any guidance would be awesome - I am so eager to use MP with the 301.


what’s the output from running dfu-programmer? also to confirm, are you using the latest firmware posted in the OP?

Hey! Thanks for the reply.
Yes, I initially tried with the firmware from OP, but then I also found another set of betas you posted in response to someone having similar issues with a WW. Flashed that as well with the same results.

Screenshot attached below. Just flashed the original firmware successfully, then tried this again with no success.


Updated with dfu screenshot