Polyend Tracker

yeah, there are dedicated lanes for note and instrument selection, then two lanes of assignable sequence-able params, and then various pages of fixed sound settings (some of which have a choice between a dedicated env or lfo). probably shouldn’t say much more until polyend release all the details a week from now.

like anything you can do on a computer that gets packaged into hardware, you trade the almost limitless possibilities for a faster and more fun workflow. if you’re a hardcore tracker user then definitely take those parameter limitations into account. but it’s pretty cool to have the tracker approach in a standalone unit with lots of dedicated buttons and built-in sampling.


One of the very fun aspects of trackers have been the limitations inherent with them. And I guess that this forum more than most music forums will understand and often appreciate the value of these limits. I do take pause about this particular limit, but I can think of only a few kinds of situations in which these limits might truly make me frustrated.

For example, with something like IDM style drums, if I slice a longer sample, I can only choose Ratchet, Delay or Volume… that’s a tough bottle neck.

Then again, if the number of samples I can load is a bit high, well, then for extenuating circumstances like that, I can just have a pre-sliced snare hit. Now I feel like Professor Layton AND have a slightly delayed and ratcheted snare!

Then again, we’re starting to see why I do this as a hobby and never dreamed of being a professional. Sometimes I just like squeezing the lemon (and figuring out how the damn juicer works) more than what I get out of it.

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I am surprised no one has mentioned Nisp and so few people seem to be using it on Norns. Along with Orca they are 2 of my favorite sequencers as well as Takt, the Elektron style sequencer. @its_your_bedtime is killing it on Norns.


Screen is too small for me. Kind of why I don’t do norns orca either. I’m interested is seeing what Tehn comes up with for a tracker though.

NISP is very cool. I haven’t dug in too much on it, but it’s really a deep one and takes real work to get the most out of.

Btw, another demo that is… so exciting!


What do you get if you add a grid, a jog wheel and a nineties Yamaha drum machine interface to a tablet?

Something awesome, for sure.


not sure if you can answer this but can everything be sequenced via external midi?

sorry, haven’t dug into the midi side of it at all! i’m kind of a cv-or-bust guy in my personal practice with hardware synths. there IS a 3.5mm format midi in.


Hmmm, interesting… wonder what chance the 16n would be an easy midi learn through that.

The port I/O still seems like an intriguing sticking point for me. As a work station that can sample, ins end up being almost as important as outs.

But hey, this conversation has got me to finally set up my ideal, no new equipment setup this afternoon of Renoise->Ableton->Crow/JF/Rack.



Brilliant! This is all making me resolve to finally hunker down with Renoise like I’ve wanted to for many years.

(P.S. how did you do this? Rewire connecting Renoise MIDI to Ableton, then Crow connecting Ableton MIDI to CV? Works well?)

this has my interest, I’ve been looking for a good hardware setup and while the MPC1000 is pretty good, I’m just not gelling with the MPC sequencing. I’ve always had a thing for trackers so maybe this will be the ticket

I actually use the IAC bus. Send each track channel out to a midi channel, then accept the midi in Ableton.

One thing to pay attention to is defining that the channel you’ve programmed in to is sending to an external midi channel

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So. . . what’s the cv out situation like on there?

Assuming there is none. Just a guess… sadly.

On IG polyend responded to a comment about cv out with a link to their midi to cv module. So probably no cv out.

Still, looking forward to this tracker!


lol, that’s a pretty solid flex on their part. Haha


Does it have a built in rechargeable battery or does it use batteries?

I’d frankly be shocked at any battery Powered device in this day and age that didn’t come with a built in rechargeable battery