Polygome - honeymoon (need advice)

Dear community,

late bird here. I just got my grids 128 and having honeymoon with it, namely, using Polygome (Max version 1.04).

I totally love it but can’t find proper documentation for it. I understand what the top row of the grid is doing: top left to right are “play”, “record”, “velocity” and “steps/duration”. Those are clear. Then there are 11 pattern buttons followed by the toggle button (righmost).

All the rest seems to be just “the keyboard” (according to scale). Now I have some questions.

First, how exactly does “record” mode work? When I enter it while in play it stops. But the action I take have impact on further playbacks. Huh ?

Second, how can I write (or erase) something from the pattern slot? Will it remember on reboot?

What I am missing is an exact descriptiom of the grid layout. I have checked the txt on github but it doesn’t clear up all of it. The original documentation (a link pointed to it) is no more available on the net.

Also, is there a way to add more scales? I suppose in Max this should be achievable somehow.

all hints are greatly appreciated,


Here is a set of instructions from an earlier version of Polygome (v0.96), although I’ve had it in my v1.04 folder for years. I think it will answer a number of your questions. At least I hope it does!

documentation.rtf (5.7 KB)

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Thank you very much, I have this file. Unfortunately this text has no direct reference to a range of buttons on the grid (some lines have, but many have not - say, where exactly is the transpose area or which button enters probability settings).

It’s not that I am lazy to read all things (I found more detailed discriptions for Polygome included in Terms), but rather that there have been many rewritten versions of it. I discovered when working with Arc that “identical” applications which were ported to M4L versions behave differently.

thaks a lot anyway !


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Off the top of my head (so don’t sue me if wrong :P)

  • IIRC, the grid has pretty minimal controls - most “control” type functions are in the Max patch/Live device (whichever you’re using)
  • Whichever pattern you are currently “on” is the one which is recorded over
  • You must manually save any recording you do
  • Versions which have an ‘x’ and ‘y’ numeric control: the number represents the musical interval in the given direction - e.g. x=2, y=4 means moving in x goes by seconds (tones) and moving in y goes in fourths (2 tones)

See you in court ))

Thanks a lot, I am pretty much at the same lvel of knowledge. But seriously, I saw a drawing in the discription to the Terms version of Polygome, where there is a dedicated area of 8 buttons controlling the root note. So I thought that some other areas on the main page (besides the top row) must (could) have functionality too.

And how the heck do I manually save a pattern? Using the Grid that is, I am aware I can store a whole datafile in the app.