PolyPerc delay affecting Tape output

So I listened to a session I’d done in mlr and recorded to Tape, through Tape.

I noticed two things -
Reverb was one. Which was cool.

Also, there was a heavy and pretty funky delay going on.

I was like, “Hold on. A delay? Where did that come from?”

I wasn’t running any scripts. Just playing back stuff from Tape.

I had, however, used Meadowphysics with PolyPerc yesterday, and noticed that was still active, though not running. So I went into the synth params and realised, yep, this is the PolyPerc engine’s delay affecting the entire Tape output.

Which gave me a reverb, a delay and a compressor on the Tape.

Is this intended behaviour? Either way, it’s pretty cool and quite useful, I might add :). didn’t find this mentioned anywhere, not in a way that made me understand this is the way it works, anyway.

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the delay in the awake script (and i guess in meadowphysics, now) is a softcut voice. this delay is set up by the halfsecond.lua sub-script.

Tape output can be routed to softcut. this level is controllable by the audio.level_tape_cut function.

looking now, i see that i need to update the routing diagram to include the tape->softcut route, which was added by request (or in a contributed PR, i forget now.)

so, i’d guess that it is working as intended, though it seems odd that Tape->softcut route is turned up by default.

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Well, it was an interesting discovery, especially since the delay in PolyPerc is pretty lush. Essentially, if I only want just some slight delay and reverb on the Tape output and add light compression, I got myself a complete mastering chain. I’ve even found results with this flow that makes it hard to tell the difference from a raw norns recording and one routed through my SSL SiX.

Could be that I’m not using the SiX correctly, I suppose :slight_smile: