Polyphonic earthsea for trilogy/ansible and er-301/just friends/txo


Now that sounds like fun!!!


I am not sure i understand the midi implementation.
It sounds like we are able to record different patterns for a multitrack sequencing experience just as with Grid?
So i could play/record a sequence and then record another to layer on it?
Not sure how midi ch // voice selection would be done and if a grid is needed or not?


you can’t do multi pattern recording using MIDI without a grid since there is no way to change patterns with a MIDI device alone. you can only record / play the current pattern.

it will use whatever voices are assigned to the currently selected pattern. so if you have voices 1&2 assigned to a pattern MIDI will use only those 2 voices (and it’ll output to whatever outputs are assigned to those voices).


About to get my 2nd ansible soon!

Is it possible to run Poly on one and Kria on the other with both connected to Teletype? I’m guessing as long as teletype doesn’t cross into what Poly is doing it should be fine?


sorry for the late response, i’d be more than willing to help with some testing


i’ve been reading more about roland um-one, and apparently there is a switch that controls what kind of driver it will use. when set to “comp” it’s not class compliant, so it won’t work with polyearthsea. can you check with the switch set to “tab” and see if that solves the issue? more info here: https://www.roland.com/us/support/knowledge_base/214330803/


yeah it shouldn’t be a problem as long as you don’t use i2c ops on teletype at the same time. it might actually work with no issues even if you do, just be aware it might potentially cause teletype to freeze. if you do run into that and you need to use i2c ops on teletype, just temporarily turn off i2c in polyearthsea (there is a button on the voice assignment page).


Seems like I’m missing something here, or maybe its a bug?

I want :
Pattern 1 / MONO voice / mapped to MODULE Note 1 -> Mangrove
Pattern 2 / MONO voice / mapped to MODULE Note 2. -> MI Rings

Voice Assignment :

Shouldn’t Pattern 2’s Module note be on 2? It only works when both are on note 1.

When I put it on 2, the patterns start only playing one voice and when i switch patterns, the note switches too. I


it works as expected now! I thought i had tried with the switch on “tab”, but i imagine it needs to be replugged to initialize


looks like pattern voices are properly set up. can you show how your 2nd voice is mapped? there is a small chance it’s somehow mapped to output 1 as well.

to make sure: when you play pattern 1 you see it output on CV/trigger pair #1, but when you play pattern 2 (which has only voice 2 enabled) it still gets output on CV/trigger pair #1 instead of 2?


Here is a video. Probably easier.


thank you, yeah this helps!

so it’s actually working as expected. i will clarify this in documentation but basically, mapping voices to outputs is shared by all patterns. so if you map voice 1 to output 2 then any pattern that uses voice 1 will output to 2.

in your case you have:

pattern 1 -> uses voice 1 -> mapped to output 1
pattern 2 -> uses voice 2 -> mapped to output 2

then you change it to:

pattern 1 -> uses voice 1 -> mapped to output 2 now
pattern 2 -> uses voice 2 -> still mapped to output 2

to change what voice 2 is mapped to you need to select it in the 7th column from the left:

by default voices 1-4 are pre-mapped to module outputs 1-4 but you can change it to whatever configuration you need (and you can map a voice to multiple outputs - and then transpose them to get chords!)


i think there is something i’m missing. sorry :frowning:

Can you tell me how you would map this?

pattern 1, tr 1/ cv 1 to mangroove
patter 2, tr 2/cv 2 to MI rings.

what is your voice/note settings?


you already have it mapped this way in the beginning of the video, no? when you play pattern 1 it outputs on cv/trigger 1, when you switch to pattern 2 it outputs on cv/trigger 2. is this not what you want?


Think i understand now.

If i disable voice 1, that means the whole 1st ROW is disabled.
So that means voice two will treat Module NOTE 2 as the 1st note to play. So it will just skip CV1 and goto CV2 since the 1st ROW is disabled.


can you explain what you mean by “note”? or maybe explain what you are trying to achieve? i’m still not sure i follow.

a pattern will use whatever voices are enabled for it. whenever a note is played using a voice it will be output on whatever is mapped to that voice.


I understand what I did wrong. It’s really difficult to type it all out. If I was there just showing you in person it would be easier.

short answer is that I thought each pattern was local with all the note settings. I didn’t know it was global. So that makes sense now.

I got it now. Thanks!


yeah, voice to output mappings are shared by all patterns. you just select which voices to use for each pattern.


Can the voices be controlled independently (as in a 4 mono type setup)?

I’ve installed this on an old WW and am trying to get the most out of it.

Sorry for the newb question, I’d probably be abler to mess about and work this out, but I’m bored in a meeting.


could you elaborate a bit?