Polyphonic earthsea for trilogy/ansible and er-301/just friends/txo


Thinking about this again last night, I came to the conclusion that adding a “voice 1-6, or 0 for all” argument to the JF.SHIFT OP would be the most graceful solution. But at the PES level I guess the JF.VOX messages could be individually detuned. My chords are just too concordant! :joy:



do you have teletype as part of your setup? if you do perhaps JF.TUNE chan numerator denominator could be used to detune?



Yep, I’ll test it and get back to you! I’ve been extensively using JF.SHIFT with PES so far. The TT’s message tends to get dropped if it comes in at the same time as a note press though.



PES is so great that it’s distracting me from patching the rest of my system :sweat_smile: Grand plans of algorithmic sequencing melt away…

@scanner_darkly, is there currently a way to decouple a pattern from the clock and reset inputs? I’d love to be able to loop an unquantized pattern over a clocked one.

EDIT: Did some research; pretty sure my answer is no. And a source code review leaves me thinking that the clock function would be difficult to disable on a per-pattern basis.



i think it’s doable but yeah, the codebase is getting to the point where such changes are tricky and can lead to some difficult to find bugs. it could really use a rewrite, but then i might as well just start working on archipelago.

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Trying to update my WW for poly es today worked on MP but won’t work on WW I’m using terminal and OS X 10.11.6

Just curious if I might need a older version or?

Thanks for your time!



can you provide more details on what exactly is not working?



Sorry! Of course it seems I can’t get the device to be reconized therefore cannot update firmware on my white whale.

Seems to work on Meadowphysics when updating but not with whale

Hope this clears it up



so when you connect ww module in flash update mode to computer it’s not recognized, but mp is? are you using the same cable for both? try connecting it first, and then powering the module (with the front button pressed), and try it with powering the module first and then connecting.