Polyrhythmic Phasing Sequencer (M4L plugin)

Hello guys, this is my first post on llllllll.co but I read these pages for a long time.
I’d like to share with you this plugin I built for M4L and I hope this is the right section of the forum.
The plugin is a Polyrhythmic Phasing Sequencer based on the Steve Reich’s idea of phasing patterns, this is a video in which I try to show what it does simply by playing it, if it’s not clear enough in the video description you can find a link for a free download on http://maxforlive.com/
In the zip folder there’s a deep description of the plugin. I hope someone will find this useful.



really cool device, nice work.

here’s the direct link if anyone wants to check it out:


oh my yes thanks for sharing with us!

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you’re welcome! actually I’m working to improve some features, including more steps and more possibilities to modify the sequence on the fly.
however the code is open, feel free to take a look and make some changes as you wish :slight_smile:

i had a lot of fun yesterday with it augmenting a process i’m using. i’m still a little confused how it works in terms of proper start/stop implementation within live, as sometimes both sides start, then sometimes only one starts and it never seems to stop sending info. seems like the clocking aspects in this respect could be tightened. i love the layout. not sure how you got it to look like that. more steps and live modification sound perfect as well. given what it does, 8 steps doesn’t feel too limited to me.

love it so far

I’m a bit confused how the start/stop button works too! I do not understand why sometimes one or more instances of the plugin don’t start as I press play button in Live. It happens after you used it and then stopped Live tempo. My idea is that it happens because phasing motor is detached from midi messages feedback system so maybe sometimes the delayed bangs that trigger midi-on messages won’t stop as you stop Live tempo because they need more to complete the cycle. I don’t know if it’s clear, maybe my english is confusing too.
To understand this maybe it’s good to know that I’ve reached the phasing effect not by simply increasing or decreasing the sequence length but literally delaying the start point of the sequence in a dynamic way.
It’s like the starting point of the sequence would shift circularly at a given speed (ms tempo on the bottom left side of the plugin, I called it P(t)). So sometimes as the starting point is delayed continuously even if you press stop it needs more time (sometimes a lot if you used it for a long time) to actually stops.
Most of the time I solve this just by clicking compulsively 3-5 times the reset button ® :slight_smile:

ah ok, that all makes a lot of sense after diving in deep.

i started a track for one of my projects and this patch is the heart of it all.

please keep us updated as you build it further. i would gladly test and offer kind feedback. it is so cool!

thank you thank you thank you

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