Pong on Norns

Shall we play a two-player game of Pong?

I have a few projects in mind for the Norns but I was first looking for a simple experiment that would teach me a bit of Lua. And I figured, a little game of pong with a friend never hurts.

Two players, first to reach 5 goals.

  • Player 1, on E1.
  • Player 2, on E3.
  • Reset, on K2.

Download Pong

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This is crazy cool! :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:

Very nice. I built breakout today, just hooking up midi output when you break a block. Something about this screen is fun to code for, beyond music even :slight_smile:



a quick thing…

I have started on porting the f0plugins from fredrik olofsson to norns engines. These are supercollider emulations of old game chips.

I’ve done a basic implementation of the Atari2600 and SN76489. Started on NES2, but that’s gonna take some serious work.

I started on Space Invaders a long while back and need to revisit. :slight_smile:


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@okyeron That’s amazing, I would love the sounds to be really basic.
I’ll look into that :slight_smile: I’ve started looking at how the other applications handle sound synthesis.

I’ve changed the name, I didn’t realized it had such that kind of baggage around synths. That’s unfortunate.

@crim I will look into that, I want that too :slight_smile:


Improved the interface to fit with the classic style of the game.


i moved a lot of posts about the old name (“Porns”) to a new topic:

if you have things to say about the old name, that would be the place


Came for the pr0nz, stayed for the Pong. Glad you are taking part in norns development! Much looking forward to seeing what else you come up with!


this looks awesome. i think it’d be really cool if the x and y positions of the ball were mapped to midi or modulated some synth engine or effects params. I have a dream of many little norns games where all the controls and animations are also modulators.