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I feel like most of my posts are crowdsourcing info anymore, BUT, I was curious for people’s takes on the world of portable digital audio players. With the iPod Classic being discontinued, I’ve been looking into good solutions/alternatives. I’ve been poking around the last couple weeks and it’s insane the prices on some of these, however the audio quality of even reasonably priced DAPs seem superior to iPods. The issues are that the interface is often sluggish and they don’t generally have a lot of info readily available, so tech support/community support seems minimal (from what I can tell).

So earlier this week I ordered a Fiio M6 and a 400 gb microSD card. Slowly loading things on and it seems a major stumbling block to consider is whether the player cooperates with the Mac format (for me). So I’ve returned the M6 and spent some time researching options. I feel like the Sony NW-A45/B might be my best option. Maybe not as hi-fi, but hi-fi doesn’t matter if I’m constantly stressed by and wrestling with getting files over to the DAP.

Anyway, I can’t be the only one trying to sort this out as the reign of the iPod is over. Heck, maybe it’s been over, but I was just happily using them anyway ha.

Thoughts? Wisdom? I’ll update when I get my Sony and whether that seems any more cooperative.


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I think this has already been discussed at length in this thread:


Oh sweet - yeah, another problem of my research is how to search for it, so I didn’t search for MP3s players here because it isn’t just an mp3 player ha. Thanks for the redirect and sorry I didn’t try putting that in the search engine here before typing this. I promise I searched for a couple other terms before posting :slight_smile:

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