Portable Rack/Case

Hey folks,

I am looking to extend my laptop only setup with a portable rack that I can carry around for the live gigs. I currently own a Nord G2 Engine which is a single unit synth and a QuadraVerb which is also a single unit box.

So what I am looking for is basically a portable rack which can hold both an 8U Modular and 2U rack synths at the same time, is there anything like this out there?

I would appreciate any thoughts/tips/ideas

Many thanks!

The SKB 10 x 2 Roto Rack/Mixer Console is what I’ve been looking at for my eurorack setup, but at 10U it sounds like it would suit your needs pretty well. There are more photos at the link.

SKB has a laptop shelf that you can mount above this thing too.


Ah, so you think 2u synths can sit at the bottom while the modular is on the top like the mixer in the pictures?

The issue with the racks I’ve been looking at is the depth as they weren’t really tailored for rack/modular combo

looks nice tho!

It might be worth looking at the specs more closely - there are also larger versions of this same rack with 4U and 6U up front that might give you the depth you want. I’m thinking the 4U version would probably be the best option for you.

Maybe I can try to emulate QuadraVerb in SuperCollider so I can actually go for the 2u one :slight_smile: thank you so much!

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hey @bobbcorr what did you think about handling the rails for modules in this case? I couldn’t really find any info about it

It takes 84 HP rails with ears like the HEK.

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I actually bought it and it is way too big! :disappointed_relieved:
I don’t think there are any other solutions out there so might as well just go with just an eurorack case

I am sorry to hear that! I hope you can return it.

I just ordered an 88 note keyboard hard case, for both moving my keyboard around but also to try and use as a portable rack / stage desk kind of thing where I’ll put a skiff in there, some elektron stuff, grid and maybe a mixer if it fits. Fingers cross the setup works because it will be great to be able to just open the lid and plug in a working rig. Will report back, as we say.


Well… it’s a monster haha. Pictured here with full 88 key keyboard.


The layout plan I have is something like this:

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I have a few very portable battery-operated instruments (norns + grid, OP-1 etc), and a few others that could easily be made portable with a ripcord and a mobile battery pack.

I’d like to invest in a decent case that can open to a performance-ready setup while still being sturdy enough to protect the gear. A removable lid and cable management features would be a huge bonus.

I’m currently leaning towards a pedal board with a rigid case, but I’d love to know if there are any alternatives. Does anyone have any recommendations (pedal board or otherwise)?