“Portal” - Granular Stereo Ambient from Danish Hardware


Hello :sunny: This release was made entirely with a Gotharman Tiny LD granular synth workstation, running on a USB/9v powerbank, while I was sitting on trains and in hotel rooms, which happened a lot recently despite the pandemic.

Maybe you already know that I have kind of become addicted to Gotharman gear this year. I started with a regular Little deFormer 3, then got a blue SpazeDrum, an old DIY deMoon synth and finally added the Tiny LD to my arsenal as well, specifically for travel and camping. The Tiny LD runs the same operating system as the Little deFormer 3, but comes with less knobs and buttons and less expansion options. Thanks to the touch screen one can still work fine with it though and explore this crazy deep machine.

In case you haven’t heard of the LD3 and Tiny LD yet, they’re proper “workstations”, handmade in Denmark, which combine sampling, digital subtractive synthesis, and granular synthesis with digital and also real analog filters. They have powerful modulation and sequencing possibilities and loads of crazy effects. Their sound is often rough and digital by design, although the user-installable analog filter boards can add some nice smoothness to the sound too. My Tiny LD does not have an analog filter installed yet (but I have one ordered) and for this music release I also didn’t use any external samples and only internal resampling sometimes.

We also have a Little deFormer thread here on Lines:

Anyway, hope you enjoy the album! Let me know if you have any questions regarding this fantastic and utterly unique instrument :wink:


Alrighty, here are some free download codes :slight_smile:


Redeem one here: https://nightmachines.bandcamp.com/yum

As a closing of the Portal, comes this new 2-track cassette single release “Chondrite”, also made on the TinyLD in the same vein, while traveling of course :slight_smile:

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I just went and started listening to Portal thanks to your update and my gosh does it sound cool!! I picked up your discography (happy BCF!) and will definitely check out the thread on these interesting sounding machines.

Looking forward to enjoying your music and I’m glad you updated this today.

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Thank you very much! :slight_smile: Really happy to hear that you enjoy the tunes!

The Gotharman instruments are somehow clicking with me more than any other devices I’ve played with in the past ten years. Very subjective of course, but I find their approach to the groovebox concept totally fascinating. On paper they tick the usual boxes of modern music production hardware (analog, digital, sampling, effects, MIDI, CV, etc.), but when you work with them then, the features all have their little uniquenesses, that set them quite much apart from the MPCs and Elektrons.