Porting MCL to Norns

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while that I think about porting MCL (megacommand for the elektron machinedrum) to my Norns fates.
I’m kind of a newbie in code but I’m resourceful and I have some time.
In order to start I have questions to ask :

  • is it possible to port C and C++ to lua?
  • is it a huge time consuming task or is it feasible?

Now for the details :

The MegaCommand is an open-source MIDI controller that runs the MCL firmware for use with the Elektron Machinedrum. It is is based around the Arduino Mega 2560.
The firmware is what I need to port to Norns.

This ain’t my native language, sorry for the mistakes. I hope I’m clear enough.
Enjoy music making


Was just thinking about this tonight. Wonder if you came up with anything?