Possibility of saving preferences?


I see that every time I turn off my norns shield, settings aren’t saved. So every time I turn it on, I have to re-set the clock to MIDI and output to audio+MIDI, as that’s the way I need it to be set. Is there a way to have these preferences be saved permanently? If not, a feature request? :slight_smile:


hi hi! hope all’s well!

the state of the SYSTEM is saved when the shield fully powers down via SLEEP. that means your clock source should always save, as well as LEVELS and REVERB settings, etc. are you powering down via SLEEP? do you wait until the green/yellow LED goes fully out before pulling power?

otherwise, you can also create presets (called PSETs in nornsia) to save/restore settings per script: play | monome/docs. some scripts might have their own state-saving mechanism employed, but they’ll make it clear in their docs :slight_smile:


I always use sleep before I shut my studio down, but not sure where I could see the LEDs mentioned, no green/yellow LEDs are on when the device is turned on. I just tried to put it to sleep, wait 10 seconds or so, pull the power cable, and then turn it back on, but the output is still not saved and it reverts to audio only.

The red/green LEDs are on the top right of pi when looking at the Norns shield top down

10 seconds might be cutting it close – like @ilikeorangethecolour mentions, the LEDs should be visible from a side-view of the top-right of the shield. the only safe point to pull power is when the green/yellow LED goes completely out. otherwise, the system state is not saved.

if you can’t see these, i’d suggest waiting closer to 20 seconds after SLEEP and see if that improves retention of the audio levels.


is this a specific parameter in a specific script? if so, then you need to save the desired script state as a PSET, then load the PSET (again, if the powerdown cycle is able to complete, norns should remember which PSET was last loaded and re-load).

happy to help with more info!

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Thanks, it does seem to be linked to a script, so I’ll give that a try. Thanks!

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A quick followup question. When I put the norns to sleep, without plugging the cable, is there a way to wake it up, without plugging and replugging in the cable?

not for shield, no – the raspberry pi doesn’t have a built-in power button, so when it completes a shutdown there is no way to re-power except by pulling the cable and re-inserting.

if you want to perform a restart of the unit, there’s a new menu item for that tho! SYSTEM > RESTART :slight_smile:

I bought a power supply that has a switch on the cable.
This makes turning the Shield on and off much easier, definitely recommended. If you already have an USB power supply you can buy this type of cables separately too (USB to micro-USB with switch).

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