Possible Ansible Bug [no Bug and Solved]

Happy New Year

i observed a possible Bug in the Ansible I2C communication to Teletype. If I read out with “CY.POS 1” the Encoder Position it always transmit the Values of the SAW setting of Ansible, even if Ansible is configered in Tri-Mode.
Can someone else confirm this?

I use the @bpcmusic Branch of Teletype, but I assume the issue is more on Ansible side. (latest Version)


Don’t have a teletype (yet) but is it not reading a position rather than a value, in which case there would be no difference between saw and triangle (the position value would appear like a saw, only going up and then dropping to zero after 12 o clock)

I think POSITION does not refer to the value on that position but only to the position - so it might look like SAW but is not.

I think CY.CV is what you want.

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thanks, CY.CV does the trick.

Cheers Marcus

that make sense for 20 characters