Possible to use Monome 256 (pre-varibright) with Eurorack?

I have an older walnut 256 that doesn’t have varibright. Is it possible to make use of it with my Eurorack? If not, how difficult would it be to convert it to varibright?

Somewhat related, I haven’t seen 256’s used much with Eurorack. Will half the rows be useless when using White Whale/Earthsea?

The eurorack modules are optimized for 128 varibright grids.

But it sure would be nifty to see a varibright 256 comeback. (hint hint)

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The meadowphysics and the white whale actually exist in a 256 version, where some of the pages you need keypresses to acces are there in the bottom 8 rows. It was @scanner_darkly who did the 256-mods of the original firmware, and I have really been loving having a 256 for the modules. But i don’t think they support nonvaribright 256. He mentions that in this thread somewhere

In general with original firmware you wouldn’t get full functionality with a non-varibright, but i think some people do use them.


check this thread for experiences using non vb grids with trilogy: https://llllllll.co/t/monome-trilogy-modules-non-variable-brightness-grids-still-worthwhile

for 256 support - it’s not officially supported but you can still use it and it will work. some of the modules (don’t remember the details now…) had an issue where pressing in the lower unused half can cause the module to freeze until you power cycle it.

also as @AndersSkibsted i made 256 versions for white whale and meadowphysics which do take advantage of the whole 256 surface. they should be pretty close to the official firmwares iirc and if there is enough interest i can keep them up-to-date as official firmwares get updated.

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I really love especially the meadowphysics 256-version. It’s so handy having the links and all that visible all the time

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from WW release: