Post tracking options

I think this might have to be a Discourse feature request, but I’m wondering if anybody else has workflow suggestions…

A lot of threads are posted on lines, that from the title I know I’m not interested in, or perhaps I’ll click through to the first post and decide I’m not interested in. I’d like to hide these posts to declutter my lines experience. Discourse seems to offer me the ‘muted’ option for a thread, which will (I believe) sink the thread below my orange ‘last visit’ line.

The problem is this option also unsubscribes you to notifications, even if someone @ mentions you. What I think I’d like is a ‘muted’ option where I’ll still be notified if someone mentions me directly – it seems strange not to be alerted when you’re mentioned. The only justification for this last mode would seem to be in a case where someone is abusing the mention system, or repetitively tags an unrelated person – these are behaviours that I believe discourse already discourages enough in other ways.

Am I missing something?!


No, I think you’re right that this is a feature request.

from a brief browse of the discourse stackoverflow, I don’t think this is possible.