Postcards from slow places - a lines compilation of long-form ambient music



The compilation is now released and closed for entries:

Thanks to everyone for taking part.

Old text for posterity:

This is a Lines community compilation based around the idea of creating a long-form ambient compilation. Anyone is free to participate. There are no strict instructions in terms of theme or style, just your interpretation of the title of this thread. A guideline length for each track is 30-90 minutes, but this is just a guideline. Put in what you feel is necessary. I’m in equal parts amazed, slightly terrified and hugely excited by the response to this. Some 80 interested members so far. It’s going to be epic!

When your track is ready please send me a message with a download link (Google Drive or Dropbox is fine, anything I can just click to download). I’ll reply once I’ve added it to the collection.

This thread is also a place to discuss your ideas or process - as documentation or inspiration for others.

Here’s the original post:

The recent thread Music & Family reminded me that when my eldest (now 3.1/2) was a baby, I tested out a range of ambient tracks to try and get him to sleep. Can’t really remember the results (or anything else from that period!), but it did pique my interest in the idea of creating long-form ambient works, like 30min+

Is anyone into this? Would anyone be interested in contributing to a Lines long-form compilation?


Goals //// 2018

twenty characters of absolutely, sounds like fun!

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I’m in the innest in that ever inned.

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Yesssss, I’m in…

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yes, definitely :))))))))

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I would love to get in on this…

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I’m definitely interested. Sounds like a great idea.

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This dad is interested



I’m also interested.

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Yes, absolutely - this is such a great idea.

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Very interested! I have a lot of ideas circulating my brain that could be put to practice with this kind of project.

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Me too thanks 20chars

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Definitely, count me in!

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Curious to hear more about how…what…where… yes- im interested.

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I would use it to sleep :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



That’s a convincing response!

I’d be happy to coordinate it. Could it go out on the Bandcamp page @jasonw22? Do they have time limits there? Could be a long one…

My feeling would be that the format of longform ambient is enough of a guide. But it could be themed, eg something around sleep, but perhaps that’s too defined? What do people think?

Track length could be 30min - 1hr max?



Always interested, love the robert rich approach.
Love to try it.



would love to do something like this

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Count me in! Would love to be apart of it.

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Also interested. I’ve been doing a lot of short form recently. Good motivation to stretch out.