Postcards from slow places - a lines compilation of long-form ambient music


I have mine mostly done, but I’m in the stage of leaving it alone and coming back to tweak it. I figured it would be fairly easy to come up with 30+ minutes of music, but I’ve discovered that my desire for arc makes this more of a challenge than I expected. At ~32 minutes, it appears I’ve got the “miniature” in this group! As for the rest of the album, I hope to be able to hear everything through once before my daughters are out of college… :rofl:


Making progress…

Sections: | crackles & small drones | rough & bendy | big swooshers | crackle bells | bigger swooshers & bakes | bells & bakes | bakes & grinds | tape lament & grinds |


Whoa, somehow I missed this thread entirely. I’m definitely up to submit a track. Thanks to the organizers for setting this up. This sounds amazing.


So, I somehow only just realized that in my initial pass of timestretching, I waaaay overshot what I meant to do, and have a 2.5 hour thing going on. Now makes more sense that it took a 1/2 hour to bounce a track in place…


This sounds cool, think I am in…


My 45 minute track seems like a miniature now! Might have to make a longer piece (or a companion B section to extend the existing one)


25mins, and a track that is by accident less ambient than the one submitted for the most recent LCRP.


Been working on my track, at 12mins atm :slight_smile:


Well, a 1.5 hour thing, apparently. Logic X’s time display is weird.


What should we name this compilation? I’d like to make some artwork for it.


I give it a try. Never did an ambient piece before


45 mins here… just seemed to stop justifying itself at this point. Something to do with my attention spans no doubt. Just previewing a mix now. Havent got a title for it yet either.

Thoughts on title for the collection???

Long Lines
Postcards from slow places
String and can theory

hmmm not sure - well just to get the ball rolling.


20 characters of love this!


Perhaps something like this?


One vote

And 20 characters


In the middle of spraying the orchard, but later I’ll do a sketch for that one too and see what we like.


I like “long lines” and the image @jasonw22 made!

Just for no reason, here’s a couple other ideas for a title:

  • “Time ripens the creatures” (one of my favorite phrases from the Mahabharata)
  • “the gulf between poems” or “in your mind you form a line” (both phrases from Tanner Menard’s poem “why/ i/ so many xunrise”)
  • “the lowpassed quadrature” or “the phase angle” (both phrases from F. Richard Moore’s description of a phase vocodor implementation – AKA one of the fundamental time-stretching algorithms – in his elements of computer music book)


I was starting to feel a little depressed and stresssed about this one, thinking I’d have to cobble something together at the last minute. Thankfully, I found a path forward this morning that should allow me to weave about 6 months worth of recordings together…excited to start on a first assembly in the next few days.


Love it!

(and 20 characters)


Hmm, that’s nice too. What do you think, strong preference for either of the ones I have done, or should I move on to @lettersonsounds’s suggestions?

EDIT: I’m leaning towards this one.