Postcards from slow places - a lines compilation of long-form ambient music


I’m super leaning towards this one.


Art on this is great… I hope this is the one.


That design looks lovely…


Really like that too. Thanks @jasonw22 and @Zedkah for being so proactive.

I’ve had half a dozen PMs with links to submissions. I’ll download these and reply to you all early in the week when I’m back at work as my internet at home is not fast enough to cope (hours uploading at home is seconds at work).

Amazing to see this taking shape!


My gosh, been sleeping on this one obviously… is it too late to jump in? January 18th, right?


Never too late!

Yes - Jan 18th.


Wonderful! I’m in : - )


Yeah - I liked the other one a lot, until I saw this one. The cover art totally makes it.


Wasn’t expecting that… The hazards of longform ambient composition!

(Did manage to workaround by bouncing at 44.1k, but then decided it was too long anyway)


crazy. Error messages that get seen twice in a software’s history.


Sorry, I can’t resist asking: how long exactly was the track?!!?


Not sure exactly how long that export attempt was, but the one I did export is 1hr 55mins - at 1.99Gb. That’s 48k 24bit.

Thinking I might aim for 1hr 15mins though…

I’ve been working a lot with everything as audio - so recording everything as different stems to blend together, sometimes recorded from 2 hour takes of the modular. That’s taken a long time for this… and the project folder is 25gig!


if I did the math right, at 48KHz, 24-bit depth, 2060MB comes to just shy of four hours… but that doesn’t jibe with @_mark’s number, so I might not be accounting for stereo


I guess that would account for it.

Seems it’s a wav file size limit:

But they state: The file size limitation of a 32bit or 64bit application is 2GB.

That’s not true for video though? Or am I missing something?


I just checked online: my first games console (atari 2600) had 128 bytes of memory and took game cartridges holding up to 2kb of data.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!!


Hi Jason and everyone,

Been a bit off the radar with Christmas, work and my 2nd child taking up my entire existence for weeks now and aplogies if this has been asked above but is there a deadline to this…? Would love to create a piece, I got many long form field recordings which I think I could layer and create a nice long form piece. I love the postcard image / sleeve as well!


Jan 18 is the deadline. @_mark has mentioned it in the top post.


video will go bigger than 2gb. Render out a full length movie uncompressed and your files are easy 20gb and over.


So I completed something for this, but it clocks at (only!) 18 minutes. Still feels quite longform to me, but I had forgotten that the original spec was for 30-90 minutes. Is this still acceptable?


this is the one! :slight_smile:
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