Postcards from slow places - a lines compilation of long-form ambient music


Totally fine!

30-90 was definitely just a guide.


Ok great - pm incoming :slight_smile:


Damn! You beat me on shortest track!


Hey, I have a 30 minute little one to share here…

H A P P Y 2 0 1 9 everybody


mine is brewing think i just need one more pass with a different instrument.


Cleaning up final mix, eq etc.
Will be approx. 26 min.
Probably Sunday.


Late chiming in, but love the name and design here @jasonw22


I am in!! Hope it’s not too late!!


Track submitted. I’m looking forward to hearing what others have produced.


Love that hand tinted postcard…and that its Lanesville- what a great name.(also like cats skills haha). Is it in your personal collection Jason?
My track has been on hold as I investigated a mysterious rumble that creeps in at places. I have decded its my aweful computer speakers and not the track as i couldnt hear it on headphones… Still clocking 45mins perfectly.

Love to see a dd:hh:mm style tally as the submissions come in…or maybe a thermometer graphic. ( I dont actually expect someone to do this Mark!) This really plays havok with my listening time guilt. as someone with bought cds still in their cellophane 2 months later- and dont mention that dime-a-dozen hard drive. its great to see this coming together in the last two weeks.Been carrying this project in my head for ages now.


That would be nice. I can tell you that there are currently 14 submissions averaging say… 45mins each - so around 10 hours.


No, It’s not mine. Spent quite a while looking at antique postcards that were old enough to avoid copyright issues. Ended up here:


Submitted! I really enjoyed the process of putting this together and think my process reflected some of the discussion that was happening in the Music & Family thread that got this project going. Basically working with the modular often entails bringing it out of my music room and into the family areas. Plugging it into my home stereo and patching away while my children play; they’ll come over and to plug things in, turn knobs etc…and eventually I’ll end up somewhere. Bring it all back to the music room, tweaks, adjustments, record, and away it goes.
Thanks for the opportunity to contribute!


Had a really good session yesterday assembling a bunch of different recordings I’d been shuffling around for the last two weeks. The second half is a little more turbulent than I thought it would be (napping babies likely wouldn’t approve), but I dig it!


I just want to say that I am going to submit a recording for this. I’m planning on recording this Sunday.

True to myself, I am not going to go back to my older pieces to submit one of them, even though the material I was doing two years ago would probably be more appropriate. I wrote a new piece, just for this. It will represent what I was doing at this time. It’s going to be a little on the short side, but that’s ok.


I usually hire a pro to mix and master, but didn’t have the time nor inclination for this exercise, so this is my first crack for this project. Any feedback would be appreciated:


I am adding myself to the list. Decided to press record before an improv’d session today, ended up at 38 minutes 46 seconds. It was a fun exercise to go that long, especially since I’ve been focusing on short form (+/- 3 minutes) instrumentals since the fall. Excited to see this thing all together, it’s going to be epic.

I read back but didn’t see any info on submitting files. @_mark any preferences for how to submit tracks?


Just finished mine- stoked about doing this with everyone! Longest track I’ve ever created, and was quite enjoyable to make. Can’t wait to hear everyone else’s!


I’d say it is on target for an ambient piece. Liked the stereo sweeps. Looks like you ended it abruptly, maybe because it isn’t finished? I kinda crashed into the end, where , I guess, I was looking to be let down a little more slowly, otherwise really enjoyed the piece.


Sorry, did I miss something? How to submit my track to this project? Thanks!! :bowing_man: