Postcards from slow places - a lines compilation of long-form ambient music


Great - I’ll send you an upload location by PM, just give me a couple of hours…

I can only catch up with the admin on this every few days, but will reply to everyone who has sent something in asap.


Have a track to ready to submit also…


Thanks @maf and @zYklen, just sent you a PM with upload link.

@toomanatees - A PM with a download link (eg Google Drive) is fine. I can send links to my Drive too. I thought that was in the top post - will add, thanks.


Mine is almost ready. Need to mix it a little then I’ll get it sent. Was very lazy over Christmas so neglected this part of the process.


I’ve been listening a lot to Hiroshi Yoshimura, but only just realised the postcard connection @jasonw22 and @Zedkah.

Some nice ambient listening for your day:


Just wanted to follow back up now that I finished my track, because I had some questions (and some great suggestions from others) about dealing with long form things that are very static from getting boring pitch-wise.

As I continued to work on the piece (which is about 34 minutes long), I decided to take sections of about five minutes each and try to focus on movement within those. I ended up sticking with the two long form recordings, and adding an additional two long form recordings, and using 9 return tracks and a lot of automation within ableton to basically segue and move them through space.

One really useful trick I found for making the pitch less static was using ableton’s corpus device (which is basically a resonator), modulated by two slow lfos and ran through ableton’s echo. It creates a pitch warble about halfway through the piece that I think keeps it a bit more engaging.

Working the stereo field as @Simeon and @alanza mentioned was also a big thing. 3 of the return tracks were dedicated to this, one very mono, and the other hard left and right. Being able to individually automate things about these tracks (and send them independently to other returns) allowed me to keep things moving. I also used several notch filters, some to cut, and also at one part, I modulate the freqeuncy of a few of them and have them resonate and sweep (similar to your suggestion @_mark).

@lettersonsounds I used your technique of focusing on the tones and harmonic/intervalic relationships in reverse. One of my tracks is pseudo-random long form pitches, and I would use notch filters to cut out tonics if I didn’t want things to resolve in a certain place. While not related to the bass note issue, I did start to lower other things as I bring in this high metallic cloud sound towards the end of the piece to keep it moving.

This was a really fun project and I think having so many suggestions and feedback helped me to push through and be a bit more critical on the details than I typically am, so thank y’all!


Mine is probably going to be around 47mins, almost done!

Really looking forward to listening to everyone’s work, and also thanks for starting this idea - really made me explore my processes and also dive into a bunch of field recordings that I’d taken but never knew what to do with!


Mine is ready to go and comes in at 29:42.


Have already submitted mine :slight_smile:


Track submitted. :ant::rainbow:
Long listening and slow mixes… only 22.03 as that was as long as I could sustain a theme without becoming repetitive or boring myself.


hello, I am also interested in contributing to this compilation. I will send a recording before the deadline.


Yes that’s pretty much what happened to me too.


How is “ambient” being defined for this? Dark and dissonant ambient work included?


That should work very well I suspect :wink:


Its your interpretation of what you think is an ambient song. I’m guessing its gonna be pretty out there with all the different submissions and interpretations.


My submission is also dark and dissonant, FWIW.


mine’s almost done, just fiddling/finessing now… will dropbox it to you by late thurs/early fri. clocks in at exact 30 mins :slight_smile: no name for it yet


Hi Mark, I just sent you a dropbox link to my track, it’s 33:33 mins long. Thanks for your work
: )


Ok! My track is done.

As I mentioned above, I think the music I was making a couple years ago would be more perfectly in line with this kind of compilation. I have an album of two two-hour pieces from 2016 on my bandcamp. But that was then…this is now.

I’ve been getting back into my roots playing the guitar, and now that I’m not so distracted by the glamor :sparkles: of electronic music, I’ve been pursuing another dream of mine: learning to play the chapman stick.

So this track is a combination of electric guitar and chapman stick. It’s in three parts:

  1. Solo guitar drone/ambient, with hints of melody from part 3
  2. Chapman stick and guitar, playing a variation on the melody from part 3
  3. Chapman stick and guitar: upbeat, full melody.

This is a form I’ve used in different ways before, taking small piece and expanding it into longer ambient pieces. This piece is another example of that type of idea:

Each section in that piece derives from the “etude” at the end.

I also decided that instead of doing a bad job recording at home, I’d finally get into a real studio and record. Luckily, I have a friend who has an excellent studio right near me. So I’d like to thank Seth and plug his studio:


All done here, 66 minutes. Just need to finalise the mastering and pick a title.