Postcards from slow places - a lines compilation of long-form ambient music


just submitted mine, a 30-min piece called “weirwood” – after the magic tree in GoT, which in turn (I just learned!) was named after Bob Weir :slight_smile: my piece is centered on the inner sounds of a tree – mainly a stereo recording I did with contact mics on birch branches (on a live tree) near Selfoss, Iceland a few years ago. other elements are an early NASA audio file with John Glenn, bits of cello and shepard tones s t r e t c h e d, some animals (some from that new Yellowstone drop; some I grabbed myself), and a fire of lodgepole pines. some things sound like space and aliens but they’re all very earth based (with the exception of Glenn, but I guess he wasn’t *that far away…)

@_mark I sent you a DM with a dropbox link :slight_smile:

I’ll probably post an mp3 version to my soundcloud at some point (when I delete other things to make room for it)


still thinking about my piece - saw this tweet and thought of this thread


Track submitted! A huge thank you to @_mark for initiating this, other volunteers involved, and of course all of you here. This one’s something of a milestone for me, being the first time I’ve been able to successfully work on a piece of this size without getting consumed by either boredom or self-doubt. It feels finished, which is a new and pretty exciting feeling for me.

So looking forward to diving into all of your submissions soon!


Nothing like the last minute. Track submitted. Can’t wait to hear the final result…over many days!


Track submitted. Thank you to @_mark for organizing. I look forward to listening to this.


Just submitted my track as well. Echoing the huge thanks to @_mark and @jasonw22 for organization, art, effort and inspiration!


Not sure…! Probably somewhere between 24 - 48 hours straight.

Thanks everyone who sent something recently. I’ll reply to you all when I’ve downloaded them.


Oh yeah - love that quote!
“You have got to paddle out far enough to where the coastline disappears”


Is there any room for late submissions here? A new piece of gear has shifted my trajectory in the past couple of weeks, and I feel like I’m just getting into something appropriate for the project, but it definitely won’t be done today :confused:


“just getting into something” doesn’t sound like “about to hit send”. @_mark has a lot of file management to do right now, so it’d be polite to let the deadline be the deadline.

That being said, if you don’t mind not being there on release day, maybe there’s no reason we can’t add late entries as time permits.

Who knows, maybe Postcards From Slow Places will continue to grow over time as a collection of long-form ambient pieces. Does anybody know if Bandcamp has a per-album track limit?


How many tracks were submitted?

Ideal for listening to while working or sleeping. Sure there are going to be some absolutely stunning pieces tucked away in this compilation.


According to the google doc, there are 65 people who expressed interest, although it’s possible not all of them ended up submitting…


When do you think it will be ready? I need to finish mine over the weekend too.

@jasonw22 is right - file management with 500mb tracks is pretty time consuming!


I like idea of ever evolving compilation. It might even be fun to create some things that uses this vast archive of ambient songs. Like for example website that in real time plays random snippets from songs in album and tries to fade them together maybe with some nice visualizations? Or maybe pass all this music through GAN and create some neural network that dreams of lines ambient songs? :smiley:
EDIT: now that I think more about it most of the neural networks that I heard that were trained in raw audio data still had rather noisy etc output so it would probably be far from ambient, but still there is probably a lot of techniques of generative music which could be used to create continous stream of music from this album. Like for example using it as a source for granular synthesis and create grain clouds sampled from various songs on album.


A url2 style radio page could be fun.


I’ll keep you posted tomorrow… if I don’t get it done by the end of the weekend, then I’m definitely out for this round, but I was hoping I might be able to get it together by then


Way up thread I suggested some software a friend made for that purpose, if anyone’s interested in implementing it. I dunno how.


Submitted my track a couple hours ago. I think my contribution will be among the shorter, just around 22 minutes. I’m really excited to see and hear how this behemoth of a compilation turns out.


I couldn’t finish up by the deadline, but I do hope this becomes an ongoing/continuing project. Feels fitting in both spirit and theme that it might evolve that way. Looking forward to hearing everyone’s work!


Just submitted mine to @_mark now - 6 hours late.

My piece is 17 mins long and was recorded live in one sitting in Sept 2018 at 6am the day after I played a gig in Cambridge. I woke up in a hotel and heard the birds from my open window and lay there. I decided I wanted to record so got up and set my mics up from the window. Fired up Ableton and just started taking the feed into my laptop and improvised on top. Its pretty nice to my ears and even though I missed the deadline hope it fits in somewhere…