Postcards from slow places - a lines compilation of long-form ambient music


No worries. If anyone else has one nearly ready, please send over the weekend. I’m planning to download everything on Monday.

Thanks all


Opinion: If you enter into a project like a lines compliation I think its good etiquette to keep the track exclusive to it- at least for the first month or so after release.


Counter-opinion: if the compilation represents a financial investment that must be recouped I would agree, but I get the impression the point of these compilations is to promote listening. In that case if the file is in two places at once, all the better? (If not then apologies for my faux pas, I dumped mine on bandcamp for free as soon as I finished it.)


I could see the potential for a more well known artist driving traffic to lesser known artists on a compilation and perhaps exclusivity helps those numbers, but here’s the thing: lines community projects are not heavy hitters in terms of play counts. We are mainly playing for an audience of ourselves and our closest friends. In that context, I don’t really see the benefit of exclusivity.

To me, the Bandcamp releases are a very nice way to tie together a set of tracks that were created by this community at a point in time according to a theme. It’s a nice way to tie a bow on what we have done together and to present it as a collection. Makes sense to me, though (especially with the bricolage aesthetic of the remix projects) that the tracks can also stand alone or exist in other contexts.


Teaser for my contribution.

I also made generative visuals for the whole 30 minute song. It came out very meditative or brain washie. Not really sure but I liked doing something very different then I would normally do.


Finally finished mine as well.
Had to clean up some crackles from brushing against some loose cables!
Went the water route as well.


i’m not going to make it, unfortunately… still too many missing pieces :frowning:


Not as ambitious or exciting as an algorithmic stream of reconstructed snippets, but maybe we could send the comp toward the feller at sleepbot to put into rotation?


I’m sad I’ve missed this,
I hope this becomes a recurring event :slight_smile:


Only seems to be a limit on track size. “There is no limit on the size of albums”


I’ve have the same problem - I always end up feeling like I need to add more elements or variation to a piece - I have no confidence that others will hear what I hear or appreciate it in the same way…


Any thoughts on doing some kind of algorithmic or radio-based thing as @Jet suggested? I think it’s a cool idea.


I’ve definitely been contemplating it. Haven’t taken any concrete actions yet.


I have spare bandwidth for a stream…


Does anybody reading this have prior experience with GANs/machine learning?


Currently reading


And this, which produces better results:

Unfortunatley both the links above are operating on MIDI data. I don’t think neural networks/machine learning had advanced nearly as far in the audio domain as it has in the visual. It’s a shame.

I’m thinking that simply setting up the tracks we have in a rotation on an icecast server is probably a more realistic goal.

But I need a little help understanding why this is preferable to simply listening on Bandcamp. Can someone help me out with that?


OK, there’s some raw audio as input here, and it’s actually pretty good. This is worthy of a deeper dive.


Seems worth a try:

@_mark if you can put the collected tracks somewhere I can get to them, I am willing to use them as training data for a neural network…


Sound like a worthy project! I’ll PM you the link.


Having a little trouble getting the thing installed. But I’ll keep at it.


The stream version could be ongoing with a rolling submission. Ever-growing, always churning…

Although just doing a random stream seems like reinventing sleepbot. I still think @Jet’s suggestion would be interesting to try, since the software is already there.


how is this an improvement over doing the same thing on bandcamp?


How do you do shuffle play on bandcamp?

Edit: mmmmm that came off far more snarky than intended. Sorry @jasonw22. I really thought maybe bandcamp had a shuffle play feature or something. (That would be cool.)