Postcards from slow places - a lines compilation of long-form ambient music


How do you shuffle play on an icecast station? or did you have a different streaming tech in mind?


Using liquidsoap is one way, I’m using that to play a shuffled stream of archive episodes from my old radio show on my website.


liquidsoap sounds cool!


It’s really pretty amazing. You can build the backbone of a really full-featured radio automation system from it with very little code. It’s a DSL for web radio. The airtime/libretime systems are built on top of it.

For example:


I’ve got a track that is called: Lines_LongForm_EBERTRAND.wav

Is it yours? I’m trying to put an artist and track name to it, but can’t find the original message.



@_mark that’s me. The track name is: Home.
The artist name is: Halidex.



This reminded me of Holly Herndon’s new project with Jlin using an AI project called Spawn


Have you been able to find any technical information about Spawn?

Found a bit more detail here:


Great, thanks!

Sorry if you’d already sent this - lost amongst it all.

For everyone - getting there with this, got all the tracks and now organising them. It’s a great collection and I can’t wait for you all to hear it! Thanks for your collective patience.


glad you were able to find something–I just remember hearing about it, had not really looked into further


I am so excited for this and I know it’s so much work, so take your time, but whoop!



Thank you Mark, this must be a herculean effort on your part!


I also want to add a thank you for all your work on this - very big job and we all appreciate it!


Thanks @BEM @ikjoyce and @Simeon. It is in progress, but has been hampered by a very busy week at work. Just the upload to BC and organise left to do though.

Hopefully next week…


Looking forward to crashing bandcamp’s servers when we all start downloading this at once. :wink:

And to chime in as well thanks for organizing this!


This is now officially closed for this round.

There’s a chance I may have missed a track or mis-named, so I’m going to post the artist / track list before releasing the comp.

These are just names, not a track order:

Erik T. Lawson - Finse
Johnathan F. Lee - shiwa
otolythe - weirwood
Timothy G Taylor - Dreams of Organization
_mark - Self Arranging Forms
3Keay - Momenatry Desolations
Anatol Locker - Horizon
Andrew_Sblendorio - Leaving That Life Behind
BEM - Movements in Water
body double - Kaspar Hauser Gardens
DamonHolzborn - Pacing
David Moorman - Directions
DeDe - Treinta Minutos Con La Realidad
dnealelo - The Sanctuary in the Abyss
Force Damage - Breadth
GoneCaving - IC2602
greenanother - abyss
howthenightcame - For Wallace Stevens (submersion mix)
ikjoyce - TheFullnessOfTime.wav
Invitational - 7XL Invented
jasonw22 - rectangular iceberg
joshuaandrew - Switchback
julie - industrial-automatic-mills
jwudel - Mistake Not
Karl Erickson - Long Shallow Water
Karol Firmanty - źdźbła
He Can Jog - There’s Nothing They Won’t Do To Raise The Standard Of Boredom
Halidex - Home
Audio Obscura - Live from a Cambridge Hotel Window
lumena - Fading Blossoms
M. Mucci - For N.M
Maf - Moon Storm
Adrien75 - Big Blue Loop
midcentury modular - liner
mygan - ipreferpi
n-So - Undertow
Olivier - I Don’t Need Anything from Here
oootini - Extended Buddha
Première étape - 15 juin / 17 janvier
roberto ferraris - lines
Ryan LaLiberty - shyer and beige
s.furrow - shapeless scenes
samarobryn - A Line To The Coast
scotttburton - llllllll drone 2018 - 12_11_18, 4.12 PM
sevenism - to dream of something else
Simeon Smith - As An Additional Cost to Playing This Track, Sacrifice A Land
Robotboot - The Hue of Q
Travis P. Hill - Quaver_C
Whitenoise - The storm
zedkah- Ether Anglicanum
zYklen - Sleep Mask
sclt - tetrachromat

If I’ve named your track incorrectly please fix it yourself here :

I’ll update BandCamp from the Google Doc.

Of course let me know if you submitted and your track is not listed.

Can’t wait for you all to hear it!


Wow, what an awesome list!


Can I be annoying and ask that ‘ikjoyce’ is all lowercase?


I think you may change that in the document itself…


If that’s annoying, then I’m exasperating: I added a period after my middle initial in the document :wink: