Postcards from slow places - a lines compilation of long-form ambient music


That’s fine - not sure how that got changed from the file, but I just changed it for you.

Everyone can edit though - as @Anatol mentioned.


Hey man doesn’t look like mine is there.

@Simeon MTG inspired title?


I noticed that my submission wasn’t listed, was there a problem with getting my message or file?

(posting in the thread in case there was a problem with getting my previous messages via lines…:thinking:)


Add me to the list of the unlisted, I originally sent a dropbox link. Hopefully everything worked on your end @_mark


hi Mark,
Sorry to add to the long list of replies… My track is listed but not my artist name.
I tried changing the google doc as well…

Just to clarify
Track; Live from a Cambridge Hotel Window
Artist Name: Audio Obscura



hi mark mine is also not listed, I had sent you a dropbox link. name: otolythe, track name: weirwood. was there a problem with dropboxing it? will resend link to you :slight_smile:


@otolythe @AudioObscura @toomanatees @jflee @fac_6 your tracks are now in the folder on my drive and added to the list - sorry about that!

@AudioObscura - I downloaded your track only the other day - not sure what happened!

Will definitely give this until Friday before releasing - in case I’ve missed anyone else off.


Did you get mine @_mark , I DMd a link to my Google drive. Can resend it if needed.


Ah yes, just requested access then will add.



Hi @_mark- I sent you a direct message as well asking about my track. I will resend it- Please let me know if you get it.


Oh. My. So many tracks. So much excite.

@steveoath shhh! It’s an in-joke just for us…


thank you!! :slight_smile:


great to see it all approach the finish line… excited here…


Heh, over 50 tracks would be a couple of hours of listening even if the tracks were pop song lengths. This is going to be massive. :smiley:


changed my name from “howthenightcame” to “how the night came”

mark, i can only begin to imagine how much time and effort you’ve spent on this project. thank you so much … I’m getting excited about digging in and hearing everyone’s contributions!!


Yeah, it’s been a bit of effort, but not too much. The deadline ended up being around the time I changed job roles, so I did get a bit swamped from both angles - probably why I missed so many tracks!

But it’s also pretty amazing that you can suggest something on a forum, then a bunch of people who you’ve never met spend a load of their time working on it just for the love of doing it. So worth a bit of admin…


Hi Mark, my track is also not listed. I sent you a PM with a Google Drive link. 21 days ago if that helps. Track title is Flying Slowly in Tight Circles, Artist - Alan Gleeson


It is with great pleasure I can now announce that this is complete:

It is a wonderful thing.

Thanks to all of you who took part, whether you got a track together in the end or not.

I’ve not exactly mastered this, but did make some effort to keep volume continuity between tracks. It is a dynamic thing, and many of the tracks have quite sections within them. My approach followed that of @jasonw22 - doing as little as was necessary, so normalising, fixing DC offset, occasional limiting if a track had a few very loud peaks that restricted amplifying it to match the rest of the comp, and occasional volume reduction if the track was heavily compressed and much louder than anything else. Everything within 3db of adjustment though, so hopefully nothing you will notice.

I’ve not added the tracks up, but think it is somewhere in the region of 34 hours! There was talk earlier up the thread of this being something that is continually added to. I’m up for this, but will need to hand this over to someone else if we want to continue.

As is the Lines tradition, it would be great to have track notes from anyone willing to contribute. Please reply below.

I hope you all enjoy the ambience.


Thank you for all your hard work in bringing this all together - and thanks to all the Lines people who contributed. :green_heart:


I’m super excited for this! Can’t wait to listen. Huge kudos for putting this together Mark. I’m looking forward to getting involved with the next one for sure.