Postcards from slow places - a lines compilation of long-form ambient music


We’ll make it work! I don’t think it will be a problem, but if it is, we’ll just split it up into multiple albums. Gonna go out on a limb and say no physical format for this one, eh?


yes I think you are right about ‘longform ambient’ being prescriptive enough.Though a discussion of what this might mean isnt a bad thing… If it is to sit on bandcamp-or somewhere there might be some practical limits- or we might want to group submissions.
Also like the idea of a giant seemless mix of tracks/ elements which different people curated different sections like an all night ambient radio. could incorporate field recordings too. My preference would be more to listen too than to sleep too… but that hardly matters people do what the choose to do when they listen to stuff…of course a giant mix idea would be very hard to coordinate.


I’m quite up for this! Would be a good challenge to create such a long work :slight_smile:

As for length, I haven’t seen any restrictions on Bandcamp?

I think if people wanted they could release limited edition cassettes of their own tracks :wink:


Oh yes, absolutely! Count me in, please.


Count me in too! Will surely become my fave album to listen to at work.


I did a piece like this for a friend’s new baby several years ago and she said it became her daughter’s go to sleep track. Anyway, happy to try something too


I’d like to give it a try!


i love the idea of the lines community releasing several dozen hours of music at once!


Great! Please, count me in :slight_smile:


Same. I often end up with hours-long pieces in this vein that i don’t know what to do with.
I’ve also wondered why, with files now being the primary way people consume music, there hasn’t been a big super-long-form movement / subculture a la slow cinema.


Love this idea and love long form tracks!

Regarding bandcamp, I did a 65 minute tape loop thing a few years ago and was not able to upload the whole thing with the free account. I have seen others with 60+ min tracks, maybe with a ‘pro’ account? Or maybe things have changed since 2012?


I’ve been meaning to do this for our 1 year old for a while now, so I’m definitely interested!


Count me in as well! This sounds like the greatest of fun.


Would love to! Please count me in.
Re putting the babies to sleep, I’ve found Marcus Fischer’s @marcus_fischer Veering puts my (now 21 month old) son to sleep in the car within minutes. A tip for parents of young ones and a beautiful track too.


Out of all the things I can’t do in this life, this is one thing I can do.

Here’s a long form recording: technically these were all seperate pieces, but more people have liked this album of mine than any other, so here it is. I have plenty of other long stuff on my bandcamp.


Would be nice to work like @Andrew_Sblendorio did, so instead of releasing separate long tracks under an album, we could mix them together (sort of “DJing”) and do one super long track or several super long tracks.


Yes yes yes. I have a few long pieces 15-25 min ready to roll


I usually have a 20 minute minimum floor for my tacks, so I’m in!


You should check out Long-Form Editions:


Fantastic idea — would love to give this a shot as well!