Postcards from slow places - a lines compilation of long-form ambient music


I’d also be interested in participating, if my 2 years old and one month old kids leave me some actual music time in the near future :slight_smile:


I was going to post that, but you beat me to it. They’ve got a great thing going on there.


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I’ve been meaning to get down and see The Clock at the Tate Modern: - it’s a 24hr film that is designed to be run on a 24hr cycle. If we ended up with 24 hrs we could organise it in a similar way? Then stream it?


I like the idea of field recording too. Could form the glue between tracks in a mix approach?


I’m up for this in twenty characters.


Should the compilation have a topic like “Music for Babies – finally done right” or will it be free-form?


Just realised that any stream would have to favour a time zone.

Still like the 24hr concept though…


Well, a minidisc encoded in LP4 plays for like 5 and a half hours. that’d be 11 half-hour tracks. :stuck_out_tongue:

In other news, I improvise an hour of ambient once every couple of months for a lunchtime meditation session at the university where I work. There’s one coming up if anyone fancies a trip to Swansea - I’ve also considered streaming it in the past, but I’ll record whatever I come up with.


Count Huron in for this one. I’ve been exploring longer drone/ambient works lately.


Sounds fun so I definitely would like to give it a try. It would be a nice incentive to finally do some web based ambient generator :smiley:


A year or so back I mentioned this semi-generative radio station a friend had built off a Rasperry Pi. He’s ditched the stream, but if people are serious about making some kind of online mix version of whatever you all come up with, maybe have a look at the code?


I’m in!

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I’m in the process of a 3 volume long-form ambient drone release, though it might keep you awake as it gets a bit intense in places :wink:

I would be definitely be interested.


20 characters of yes


Hello. Yes, I’m interested!


so interested! no babies for me yet, but i was just talking about this with my fiance last week.


It would be cool to allow tracks that were longer than the max that bandcamp allows… unless I’d be the only one submitting a 10 hour long track :-p

On a related note, here’s last year’s ‘medium’, an annual 24 hour drone performance: We had to break it up into chunks to upload it to mixcloud.


oh wow, there are multiple 24-hour drone events in the world! that’s awesome


would you mind sharing the other(s)? seems like an appropriate place!

here’s another one in minnesota:

and one in hudson NY:

(er, well I don’t mean to hijack the thread, maybe this should be its own thread…)


The one in Hudson is the only one I’ve been to and was aware of before!