Postcards from slow places - a lines compilation of long-form ambient music


Interested in throwing in too!


Ohhh, this is gonna be wild. Would be happy contributing to this as well since looooong tracks is what I am generally into…


44 Potential Contributors!

So if there was an average length of 45min each:

44 x 45min = 33 hours of music!

Exciting that so many of you are up for this.

So how about keeping it simple - everyone submits their track. The tracks are arranged into an order, then we work out a way of sharing them. + artwork of course.

Maybe a realistic timescale to get all the tracks in would be early in the new year? What does everyone think? It would be good if this didn’t affect progress on //// musica ignotum : lcrp.solstice.2.2018 ////, so we could have a rough deadline but be patient for anyone who needs extra time (this is music for the patient after all).

I’d be very up for creating a longer continual mix with field recordings between tracks - if the field recordists of Lines are interested in contributing. I can’t deal with the idea of mixing music tracks together - not my skill-set! But feel free to suggest or offer if there’s a way to make it work.

How about 25-90 minutes as a guideline length for each track?

I’m thinking we just go with ‘Long-form Ambient’ as the only guide, unless people feel strongly that a tighter theme is needed?


Space for one more? I have an amazing cavernous white noise thing that we all listened to for a few months after our second child was born. Would love to revisit it.


I would like to submit something as well


I’d love be a part of this too if possible :blush:


i would be down to contribute


I do a lot of field recordings so am happy to contribute there :wink:


Sorry, thought I had you down. Must have slipped through.

Keeping a master list and you’re added.

Good to know - let’s see if that idea gets traction

Also added everyone else


great project, I am very interested in participating as well


Would like to have a go at this. Though if push comes to shove I’ll focus on the solstice project.


I would like to be part of this too!


iiiiiiii’mmmmmmm iiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnn


Yess this sounds so excellent. Can’t wait to take part!


I would like to contribute something!


I’d like to throw my hat in the ring! Let’s make it a weeklong playlist! ; - )


I’d love to contribute as well if there’s room!


I am into contributing for sure!


I am new here but I would love to join if I can :slight_smile:


Ditto, I’d like to participate if possible… seems like there’s a lot of interest already