Postcards from slow places - a lines compilation of long-form ambient music


count me in count me in count me in


yes I would like par(20 characters)ticipate in this


As this keeps growing I’m keeping a list of contributors here:

This will just be to keep track of submissions.
Probably makes sense if I add people in systematically, but please let me know if I’ve missed you off.


This is right up my street. Most of my pieces end up at at least 8 mins, usually closer to 15 / 20, sometimes longer still. In!


I started by laying down a bassy dark energy drone last night


This sounds right up my street, am definitely up for contributing!


Yes, please count me in! What an immense and marvelous project!


Me too please! I would love to submit something for this!

Think we could also be in the running for a longest compilation world record too haha


…looks like it , And _mark is going to listen to the whole thing!


I’m definitely not going to break into yodelling “Marky Marky Marky Mark! We love the Mark!” halfway through my otherwise sparse ambient.

I would never do that.



But now he’ll have to make sure he definitely listens carefully to ALL The tracks, because we wouldn’t want THAT.


I going to go for “you really should have worded that email you sent to the board chair differently” or “you left fridge open and the stove on” in the mid-point of the sleepy ambience.


I would definitely like to contribute, so count me in.


I thought I had said I’m in before, but I actually didn’t. I’m in! :slight_smile:


Yes! The questions are:

  • How many weeks off work will I need?
  • Will I be the same coming out as going in?
  • Do DAW sessions extend that far?


What’s our deadline?


Currently thinking beginning of the New Year, but keeping it loose. Sometime in January would be good to get it out.



If you don’t give people a hard deadline, things will get super vague near the end.

But maybe this doesn’t matter. No physical format. Maybe no mastering? In which case you could just upload stuff as you receive it.


I would be in favor of a hard deadline personally


I would like to join as well. Hard deadlines FTW!


Just throwing this out there, but… what if we all worked in the same key? It would open the door to some interesting layering possibilities. (the key of) A is for ambient?