Postcards from slow places - a lines compilation of long-form ambient music


Well how about 31st of December?

Then I can DM anyone who has expressed interest, but not sent anything over.



Sounds like a plan. Kinda close to the Dec 21 deadline for musica ignotum, but I’m OK with that if others are.


Can I play?!? In in in.


Should be manageable (he says nervously).


Despite the looming crush of grant proposals, faculty/postdoc applications, and the like due in the next few months, I would also like to join in and contribute to this intriguing project.


As I mentioned further up - it would be unfortunate to have any negative impact on Musica Ignotum. I also want to get something together for both.

Maybe Friday 18th January is better. Then folk have the time between Christmas and New Year + a couple of weeks.

I think actually it works better. What do you think?


I would love to contribute/participate

I just happen to have been working on my own long form “Mixtape” of old/new material:


I like the idea of having a bit more breathing room between releases, yes.


I seem to be missing from the list. Would you prefer I add myself, or are you striving to keep the order of “yes” posts? If so, I came in about three below your like to the Google doc. Whatever works for you…


Please do add yourself. Order is not important. Sorry I missed you!


I vote for a hard deadline as well.


sign me up, and great idea!


Personally, I am happy with the January 18th deadline…….and would also prefer it over the end-of-year suggestion……


Yes, agreed that it feels better all round. I’ll update the first post with the details when I get the chance.


I think I’d be into this as well :slight_smile:


Just updated the top post to inform new readers what this is about. Let me know if I’ve missed out any vital info.

Planning my approach to this now. I’ve done a lot of music recently that is constructed from blending layers of drones from the modular, but thinking to take a more generative approach to this as note generation. Got very inspired by the more ambient moments here:


This sounds great…ambient for days! putting my name on the list!


I’m excited about this. Got a start on something this week – very much looking forward to having a giant playlist to go on a drowsy spelunking-through.


Sounds great! Please add me to the list!
I`ll gladly contribute a dark drone…


I have a 6 month old baby and have been kicking around the idea of an ambient-drone-noise “music for infants” album… will direct it toward this comp instead. Interested!