Postcards from slow places - a lines compilation of long-form ambient music


30-90 min each for 50 ish people :flushed:
im not sure how we will be able to share it. bandcamp has limits on file size for uploading on albums. i think its only like 30 ish min


It would be awesome to make one huge 90mins mashup with 1/2 minutes snippets from each track and share it as a whole composition…the single tracks could be put in a Spotify playlist and on single artists’ Bandcamp…

#129 is set at the 600MB limit. 600MB of 44.1kHz stereo WAV at 16 bits is 0:59:26 of audio.


bandcamp each drone would be its own album. i guess there isn’t really many options. just thinking about the ability to be able to stream them all one after each other.


No, we’ll upload the tracks to a single “album”, it will be located at


sorry i might be getting contused. i thought bandcamp had a max upload limit per album.


No, that’s the limit per track. There is no upload limit per album (as stated at the bandcamp link I posted).

So, folks will be sharing links to their tracks via a service such as Google Drive or Dropbox, with @_mark and myself. The two of us will divide the upload-to-bandcamp duties. Fortunately I’ve sprung for Bandcamp Pro, so we do have batch uploading capability.


I am just mixing down my 46 minute drone led piece. A combination of stretched and processed source materials from the modular, field recordings from my recent trip to Wales, and live modular work to add more interest and variety. Quite pleased with how it has turned out actually! Inspired by the old miner’s cottage I stayed at, which was quite remote, up a mountain with no radio/tv/phone/internet, and a 10 minute walk up the hill from the car. The only sounds were the stream, sheep eating grass, and the wind up the valley. I took a walk along the roman road nearby, at least 1600 years old, but likely much older. It wasn;t so much a case of feeling the weight of time in the place, but rather the lightness of our own fleeting existence within it.


Amazing! Looks like you’ll be the first.

Send it over whenever you’re finished. A direct message on Lines with a download link (eg Google Drive) would be preferred. I can provide a shared folder for anyone without that capacity.


I should have something by the end of the week - taking a little time to get right, as it takes 45 minutes to audition in full, to work out where the tweaks are needed! :slight_smile: Latest listen gave me some clues as to where I need to adjust the levels, and maybe even to drop out the drone totally in a few places…


ARGH! It’s like 14hrs before my Ambient Modular gig, and I haven’t got the stuff together to perform it yet, let alone record or stream it! Ah, well, I’ll just have to recreate it some other time. I’ve got 4 tape loops (1 - cassette, 3 - 1/4 inch) that I’ve recorded for tomorrow, so I’m going to base my performance around those and hope for the best. Improv, right? What could go wrong?!


Best advice I ever received: “No one knows what it is supposed to sound like, so only you will know if you make a mistake.” You’ll pull something out of the bag, I’m sure. Sometimes flying by the seat of your pants can be fun! Enjoy your gig, and good luck!


Just finished the recording of my piece (currently 2 hours) :smiley:

Some questions:

  1. Who should I inform once I’m finished with the track?
  2. Should the pieces be mastered or unmastered?

(hope I didn’t miss the answers somewhere in the thread)


I AM DEFINITELY IN! This sounds great


Great! You’ll be the second after @ikjoyce

  1. Would you please send a PM to me and @jasonw22 with some kind of download link (eg Google Drive).

  2. I can’t see there being time for any mastering process, so just finish the track as completely as you can (whatever your idea of that is…) I’m thinking of trying to do a loudness pass on everything (ie LUFS) and see if that works to keep it all at a consistent level.


Thanks for the fast reply, Mark!


Ah yes - mastering this behemoth would take a few years!


Count me in too, sounds like a great idea.


Careful with this. If someone submits something with high dynamic range, their track may end up sounding pretty quiet (assuming you do an across-the-board loudness pass on all tracks). I made this mistake on the last LCRP.


Yeah, this sounds awesome. Count me in.