Postcards from slow places - a lines compilation of long-form ambient music



Yeah, for vinyl it’s kind of essential, but for almost any track the low-end will sound more “solid” if it’s centred and mono. The lower reaches of human hearing have frequencies that can really play up and sound very different in different scenarios that we play back music.

If you’re not using a specific plug-in, in most DAWs its easy to set up audio going to three destinations: low frequencies / left mids and highs / right mids and highs. In Ableton I do this with an effect rack, just on the one channel.


Hey folks, just a reminder: Bandcamp has a 600MB per track limit. If your track weighs in at over 600MB as a WAV or AIFF file, you’re going to want to compress it down to FLAC please. Fortunately a 600MB FLAC file is way too long even for this long-form compilation, so that should give us all plenty of room to play in.


yes All good tactics… some work better in certain circumstances. I hadnt tried the stereo approach much before. of course thinning out a sound and varying amplitude arent quite the same thing.Notch filtering is probably the closest but sometimes you need a few of these and for them to fade in and out…
with drones sometimes just going to 100% reverb and back can be nice.


Hey all, I joined the forum just the other day and I’d love to take part in this if it’s not too late - just let me know, and if so where to upload my track…Thanks!


Hi @BEM, thanks for joining!

You can post your track to Google Drive or Dropbox or Wetransfer or something similar and then send a PM to @_mark and myself with a link to the track.

There’s a 600MB file size limit per track on Bandcamp, so if your track ends up larger than that as a WAV or AIFF, then you’ll want to compress down to FLAC.


I’d love to participate, too.
Many thanks to everyone involved in this - what a wonderful idea!!


found on a meme page:


And here is the video I made for my 1 hour long track:

Enjoy and please subscribe to my channel!


I might have finished mine. Need to check out. May rework it. Will know over the weekend. :slight_smile:


I got that dishwasher on vinyl

(On topic though, I’ve been stuck at 40 minutes with plans for more things to do, but every time I listen to it I end up falling asleep, so maybe it’s done…)


I’ve been offline for some time but am excited to see this (and to see you, mark, after our chance irl meeting a few weeks ago) I’ve been working on a long form piece for a couple months now and already have several 30-120m pieces. If you’re still open for submission I will send one your way before 1/12.


Hey, that’s a good idea :wink:


Somewhere I’ve got a recording of my washing machine running - full cycle :man_facepalming:


We should submit the finished project to Guinness :grin:


Terre Thaemlitz wins:


There are four tracks in so far and it runs about 4.5 hours. If most people submit it should be 60+ hours easy!

My commute is about 1hr - so far I’ve listened to them all as part of that. Ideally I’d like to listen to them all in this way if the submissions are staggered enough.

Starting to get an idea of how to organise them…


…according to milestone (or point kilométrique)? Perhaps this album could be released as a musical highway?


Fall asleep (briefly) “to hear the song” !!


The only way I can mix this is with a cup of coffee… I keep previewing sections and falling asleep. Anyone else having this problem? :slight_smile:


yes , I can cope with about 7 mins at a time if i work on this late.everything I need is now there- its just the tweeking and balancing…