Powered mic query

Any of you nerds know how to get 5v out the 45v phantom in most mixers, without something like this?

With the ubiquitous nature of USB these days, probably easier to build something like this: http://www.stufinnis.co.uk/micpreamp.html rather than convert from 45v? But I’m sure others will be able to give a more informed view.

how much current do you need at 5V? If it’s less than a milliamp or so I guess you could do something truly terrible like:

  • connect the cathode (end with a stripe) of a 5V zener diode rated for at least 5mA in series with either leg of a 22K resistor rated for at least 250mW
  • 45V (XLR pin 2 or 3) goes on the remaining leg of the resistor
  • 0V (XLR pin 1) goes on the remaining leg of the zener diode
  • 5V comes out where you joined the resistor to the zener diode
  • check your 5V with a multimeter

For the record I agree with @Simeon you’ll be better off procuring a 5V supply for 5 bucks rather than resorting to this low hack.

Also my suggestion could damage your mixer I guess so don’t say I didn’t warn you…

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