Powering Trilogy with Switch in a Mantis case

My friend lent me his Monome Grid 128, Trilogy modules, and Switch. I want to put them in my Mantis case, but I am a bit confused on how the additional 5v power supply works.

Do I attached the ribbons for the trilogy modules to my case power AND use the power from the Switch or keep the trilogy unattached from the case and ONLY use power from the Switch?

The Switch and it’s power supply are for powering the Grid. The Trilogy modules also need to be powered by your case.

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Ok so, the Grid —> Switch —> modules via USB, right?

I assumed that there as power going over the USB from the Switch to modules.

Switch only powers the grid. It exists so that the grid does not draw power from the modules. Power the modules from your case. That is their only source of power. If you have a cable to connect them, it’s only for i2c which is data from/to Teletype. The USB going from the switch to modules is data only.