Musical scale quiz for monome norns, to practice scales on the piano or any other instrument.


This is my hello world script! I recently had some time during long train rides to start looking into the norns studies. A friend once asked me to code a musical quiz in python for him to practice clarinet a while ago, and thought I could do a similar thing for norns now that I am learning piano.

The script will name a scale for the user to play, and there is an option to reveal a small two-octave piano keyboard with the keys of said scale highlighted. I am hoping this will help me build some visual memory when it comes to scales/modes. It is fairly easy to add your own quizes, and it will hopefully be even easier once I clean up the code a bit.

This is my first script for norns and first time using Github, so constructive criticism is very welcomed!


norns or equivalent, and an instrument to practice on :slight_smile:

Documentation (v0.1)

encoder 2: scroll between quiz modes.

key 2: reveal keyboard.

key 3: reroll for a new scale.

three quiz modes are currently implemented, but it should be easy to add more!

  1. major and minor scales
  2. modes
  3. major/minor pentatonic scales


v0.1 -



I might try to make norns play the scale upon request, perhaps with PolyPerc.
Also more quiz modes as I learn more things!