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“Woke up the other day and found these three pieces twitching on the Hard Return flypaper. All muddle the line between transcendence and knowing nuisance, albeit in their own special ways: the first an arcade game cranked to an unplayable difficulty setting, rhythmically-adjacent bleeps and squelches abounding; the second an upward tunnel to a queasily incandescent Kubrickian Jupiter, the third a taser jammed in the ON position being tilted from left to right. Each piece goes far beyond the polite time to stop, although I don’t see anyone unplugging their stereo prematurely either.” - HR

Mastered by Michael D. Brown at Foul Prey

releases May 20, 2021


electronic korg ms20 community connection cross-pollination debrand persistent really repetitive studio swap unrequested genre specification London experimental improvisation repetitive soundart United Kingdom

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zsxm-3lhm (used)


Oh cool! I grabbed zsxm-3lhm

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Awesome :nerd_face:

I wasn’t sure if I edited the post if people would see it, pleased you got it.

I also added a bit more background from my perspective on the lines threads Releases using just ONE piece of gear as just realized this fits that perfectly.

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Cool. Loving this. I find this kind of repetition just so …banging. Makes me want to get unhinged and worship in front of a giant sound system. Ha ha - or something :stuck_out_tongue:

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Makes me want to get unhinged and worship in front of a giant sound system

Hahaha, love this. :joy:

I definitely agree though, the volume seems to really push it into the skull and brain matter.